Q2 2022

5AMBuffering [Self Released]

A.E.R.O.42 [Self Released]

Ace VenturaAce Ventura In Dub [Iboga Records]

Acid FluxXperimento [Bass Star Records]

Acidova, AmritoneNightfall Zodiac [Calligraphy Recordings]

Advanced SuiteHidden In Plain Sight [Self Released]

AeiforosAstral Silence [Iono Music]

Aeon VoyageEnergy [The Rust Music]

Akasha ProjectBassfield [Self Released]

Akasha ProjectCosmic Insence [Self Released]

AkoarelaFishing A Dream [Mindspring Music]

Albert SipovLiberty [Self Released]

Albert Sipov, Anna HelMy Guiding Star [Self Released]

AlejoGriselda – Dr. Birds (Alejo Bootleg) [Self Released]

AlejoDenouement [Self Released]

AlejoFlip Side [Self Released]

Alpha HypnoticaTranscendence [Melusine Records]

AlphaxoneUnderneath [Self Released]

AmritoneUnknown Destination [Calligraphy Recordings]

Andrew RothschildNew Leaf (Remixes) [Self Released]

AndrocellRemix Prescription (1-Hour Mix) [Self Released]

Annihilation Of SelfBlind Observer (Mix) [Astropilot Music]

Annihilation Of Self, Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic ProcessSynesthesia [Astropilot Music]

Aor AgniLast Days On Earth EP [Self Released]

Arcane TricksterKaiwan [Cosmicleaf Records]

Arcane TricksterElectryone [Tempest Recordings]

Arthur PralayaObservation [Self Released]

Arun MeyTrip On Mars EP [Self Released]

AscentWake Up [Altar Records]

Astral Travel AgencyTrancevoyage [Self Released]

AstropilotListening To Nature [Astrosphere Records]

AstropilotMria [Astrosphere Records]

AstropilotEarthwalk [Astropilot Music]

AstropilotDistant Worlds [Astropilot Music]

AstropilotEndless (Piano Version) [Astropilot Music]

AstropilotPineland [Astropilot Music]

Astropilot, Annihilation Of SelfEchoes [Astropilot Music]

Astropilot, Astronaut ApeAd Astra (Ambient Mix) [Astrosphere Records]

Astropilot, Spectrum VisionMission Poseidon [Astropilot Music]

Astropilot, Spectrum VisionMission Poseidon Pt. IV [Astropilot Music]

Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic ProcessThe Kite (Breaks Remix) [Astropilot Music]

AtyyaRealm Shift [Self Released]

Aura BorealisLiquify [Metanoia Sound]

Aux25Ocean & Stars EP [Interchill Records]

AyawakeMadre EP [Sofa Beats]

AytharTribal Earth Perception [Self Released]

AywakenPost-Biological Lifeforms [Senoï Project]

AywakenQuantum Disorder [Senoï Project]

AznadelAznadel [Lysergia Collective]

B. AshraFluffy Spirals [Separated Beats]

BalancéLooking For Peace [Self Released]

Bass TempleThe Beginning [Gravitas Recordings]

Bass6Balada [Bass Star Records]

Ben DamskiArabica Nights [Bass Star Records]

Big Joe DaddyTales From The Hundred Acre Wood [Self Released]

BiobazarStandard Pet Sounds [Self Released]

Blue Planet CorporationAquaquest [Dat Universe]

Cayo LargoMind Games [Cosmicleaf Records]

CellOnwards System [Ultimae Records]

Charlie WFloors And Fawns EP [Night Owl Collective]

ChronosCinematic Synthesizer [Self Released]

Cloud_DBlankslate [Self Released]

Cloud_DFatigue [Self Released]

Cloud_DMomentum [Self Released]

Consciousness FederationCelestial Gallery [Self Released]

Cookies SlayerDragon Shards [Self Released]

Corder YantisOblique [Self Released]

Cosmic TouchThe Leela EP [Unityverse Music]

CosmoganicForest Stomp Remixed EP [Visionary Shamanics Records]

CosmyteVitamyte B12 [Hadra Records]

CuberingShri [Self Released]

D-Echo ProjectDubby Space EP [Self Released]

Data RebelThe Space Between [Self Released]

David FreemanThe Worlds Within [Metanoia Sound]

DeezLoops [Self Released]

DeezPrecursor [Self Released]

DejalumEntrelazamiento EP [Quantum Cell Records]

Dense, Unusual Cosmic ProcessScream [Astropilot Music]

Dense, Unusual Cosmic ProcessMicrowave Princess [Astropilot Music]

Desert DwellersThe Elephants March (Uone Remixes) [Self Released]

Desert DwellersBreath: Portal To Stillness [Desert Trax]

DêtreOnset [Wormhole Music Group]

Devin KroesMassive Attack – Teardrop (Devin Kroes Remix) [Self Released]

DhamikaFrequencies Of Serenity [Self Released]

DillardIn June EP [Self Released]

Don PeyoteReggae Style – Anthology 2004/2022 [Self Released]

DroplitzIllusion [Self Released]

DroplitzAll Out [Self Released]

DroplitzDrake – Too Much – Flip By Droplitz [Self Released]

DrrtywulvzPetrichor [Self Released]

Dub SutraMinute Of Monks [Self Released]

Dub SutraMonks N Flute [Self Released]

DubnoticNeurogenesis [Visionary Shamanics Records]

Dysfunctional FamilyA Day At The Beach [The Rust Music]

EamoUnderwater Desert [Iono Lounge]

EarmakeSilence Minute [Self Released]

Earmake, Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Fractal Forms [Astropilot Music]

EguanaAbandoned [Plexus Music]

EguanaWandering [Plexus Music]

Eguana, QeightMy Remedy [Cosmicleaf Records]

Elegy, Shantifax, Wavegarden, Basikone, I.M.D.Revelations [Reson8 Music]

Elkin SergeyAtmosphere [Plexus Music]

EmancipatorSea To Sky [Self Released]

EmeshA Square Between Your Eyes [Sendero Records]

EmeshRomaj [Sendero Records]

EmogLucid Dreams [Merkaba Music]

Enoch PrusakGlaciers [Self Released]

EntheoLife Itself [Self Released]

EntheoRainbow Blessing [Self Released]

Eric ElectricConditions On Reminds [Bass Star Records]

ErstavClaptrap [Muti Music]

EsseksThe Uncertain Future [Self Released]

Essence ProjectSolistic (Fractal Forest Remix) [Psychedelic Jelly]

Essence Project, Jonathan ACritical Factor [Nutek Chill]

Essence Project, Jonathan A, Rogerio JardimDr. Jekyll [Nutek Chill]

Essence Project, Jonathan A, Rogerio JardimMr. Hyde [Nutek Chill]

EwakeEwake – First Light [Sub.Conscience Records]

FaelowScyphozoa [Shanti Planti]

Felix AndoUnexpected [Merkaba Music]

FlintwickThickle Bumper [Self Released]

FortadelisMind Driver [Self Released]

FrequentLiving Room [Self Released]

Fuse.Prnd [Muti Music]

Gabriel Le MarTransition Stage [Self Released]

GaddyCream Of The Crop Vol. 2 [Self Released]

GaddyThe Foundation [Self Released]

GaddyCream Of The Crop Vol. 3 [Self Released]

GaddyHere I Go / Big Willy Style [Self Released]

GaudiTheremin Tribute To The Smiths [Self Released]

GayalaxyWomb Of Gaya [Moondance]

Gel-SolCanadian Mist [Self Released]

Gel-Sol, Islands UnderGrand Poobah [Self Released]

GermindInaccessible Life Forms [24Bit 96Khz] [Cosmicleaf Records]

GermindMind Eclipse [Cosmicleaf Records]

Germind, Eguana, QeightVacuum [Cosmicleaf Records]

GiyoSymbiote [Self Released]

GladkillCold Comfort EP [Self Released]

GMO, DenseIn A Liquid World [Cosmicleaf Records]

GravitraxSupersonic [Self Released]

GreatOwlNia Komuna Revo [Self Released]

GreenuxGreen Space [Self Released]

Gregory Paul MineeffIncidental [Cosmicleaf Records]

Grown Out Of MinimalPlants Of The Gods [Gerningsstedet]

Gus TillDreamland [Self Released]

H:U:MUniversal Code [Liquid Frog Records]

Happy TreeHeart Come Home [Metanoia Sound]

Har-El’s California SunshineShadows Of Time [Kali Earth Records]

Hello YesListen Clearly [Gravitas Recordings]

Hello YesTalk Of Town [Gravitas Recordings]

Hidden FrequencyWalls [Self Released]

Hideyo BlackmoonSa Re Sa Sa [Self Released]

High SkiesSaturn In Freefall [Self Released]

High Step SocietyChampagne Dreams [Self Released]

HivetribeSeeds Of The Ground EP [Visionary Shamanics Records]

Holeg SpiesAxis Mundi Reload [Liquid Sound Design]

I-OneSecond Singularity [Cosmicleaf Records]

I-OneMorning In Thailand [Cosmicleaf Records]

I.M.DNocturna [Self Released]

Ian SnowAbove The Clouds [Self Released]

IlluminertiaArcturian Dream [Self Released]

In/ExternalAtomic Secrets [Self Released]

Infinati, SpaceyblurrWe Are Approaching [Self Released]

Jens ErikssonEp Purosurpo – “Rem Embers” [The Cure Collective]

Joyfull NativesAngakok Magick [Self Released]

Joyfull NativesKiva Prayers [Self Released]

Jule GraszAfterglow [Ease Division]

Jule GraszNight On A Hill [Ease Division]

JuruatmaEkam [Self Released]

Kadmon DragoUnfall [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kadmon DragoUnknow [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kadmon DragoUnravel Feat. Shakima [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kadmon DragoUnsee [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kalya ScintillaTreasures [Merkaba Music]

KaminandaIndigo Curtains [Self Released]

Kaya ProjectDefiance [Self Released]

Keegan BowenEarth EP [Self Released]

Kick BongInside My Head [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kick Bong, Carmel.OYou And I [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kick Bong, Unusual Cosmic ProcessAfter Day [Astropilot Music]

KirusoK-Ti [Self Released]

KirusoLillie [Self Released]

KirusoSpace Night Two [Self Released]

KlaadaConiunctio Oppositorum [Mindspring Music]

Kll SmthAudrey Nuna – Damn Right (Kll Smth Edit).Wav [Self Released]

KoanDon Quixote’s Passion [Blue Tunes Chillout]

KouskPassage Of Dreams (Coalesce Revision) [Self Released]

Krystian ShekLove [Self Released]

Lab’s CloudContinua El Viaje Nacho [Self Released]

Lab’s CloudMorning Thaw [Self Released]

Lab’s CloudShine [Self Released]

LemonchillMusical Experiments [Self Released]

LemonchillShort Stories [Self Released]

LemonchillLife Drag By [Self Released]

LensflareAurea Stamina – Sic Volvere Parcas [Self Released]

Lichen8Nocturnal [Iono Lounge]

Lil FishWild [Self Released]

Lingua LustraSoundfields [Exosphere]

Liquid Bloom, PerePájaro Azul (Jamie Stevens Remixes) [Self Released]

Liquid Bloom, PoranguíKuya Sessions: Samadhi [Self Released]

Liquid FrameGhosts [Self Released]

Liquid SomaDharma EP [Visionary Shamanics Records]

Living LightMultidimensional Sandcastles [Self Released]

Lo.RenzoMarya Stark – Rose Lineage (Lo.Renzo Remix) [Self Released]

Lucid PicnicLull [Self Released]

Luke ColbornTrue Color Of Your Dream [Mamomam Records]

LunalureFail Me [Liquidseed Recordings]

LunecellDeja Vu Narcist [Self Released]

MagnetikMoon Dance [Cosmicleaf Records]

MagnetikSunset Skyline [Cosmicleaf Records]

ManynamesWatchu Know About What [Sofa Beats]

Marc-EFrom The Pointless Forest [Self Released]

Marconi UnionVersions [Self Released]

Marconi UnionStrata Alt [Self Released]

Marconi UnionThe Ilex [Self Released]

Master MindedSound Support – Healing Session [Self Released]

Master MindedSelf Exposing [Self Released]

Mat The AlienBat Yam [Muti Music]

Max CorbachoEquinox [Self Released]

Melo.NadeDo What I Believe (Bahamadia X Melo Remix) [Self Released]

MenkalianCoastal Winds [Ease Division]

Microburst AlertBubbledrone [Metanoia Sound]

Mina, AscentThe Glow Of New Life [Altar Records]

MindexSine Waves Feat. Spirah [Time Resonance Music]

MindexSensorica [Self Released]

MindexSine Waves Feat. Spirah [Self Released]

MLOTIK, ZLENGhost Room Vol. I [Street Ritual]

MobitexComplete Paradise EP [Self Released]

MonikerEnter Return [Shadowtrix Music]

Moon ProjectionFalling Snowflakes [Astropilot Music]

Moon ProjectionWatching The Horizon [Astropilot Music]

Moon ProjectionFog On The Shore [Astropilot Music]

Mr. OursEthnic Parallel [Self Released]

MurgeEverything [Self Released]

Mystic Crock, DenseFiredance [Self Released]

MythmAngst EP [Wormhole Music Group]

Natural Life EssenceJamming Caravan – Digital Adventures [Liquid Frog Records]

Natural Life EssenceOrganic Scapes [Liquid Frog Records]

Natural Life EssenceSucculent Life [Liquid Frog Records]

Natural Life Essence, KiphiCrystal Vision [Liquid Frog Records]

Natural Life Essence, YahganMystycal Journeys [Liquid Frog Records]

NctrnmYou [Self Released]

Ne SpeshaBefore You Relax [Ne Spesha Music]

NetsuOf Our Gods No Trace Will Be Left [Microcosmos Records]

Nico LuminousTryna Be Me [Self Released]

Nicolas PerezDark Matter [Self Released]

NimboChain Reduction [Lysergia Collective]

NirmalIncrease The Dose [Metanoia Sound]

Noob Psybot & FriendsObscure Litany EP [Sentimony Records]

NovanThe Journey Through The Mountains Of Trancing Owls [Om Mantra Records]

NuadaInternal Quest EP [Sentimony Records]

Nuell MartinPhotosynthesis [Self Released]

NumaticaKosmos [Self Released]

NyrusRebirth [Self Released]

Olivier OrandH+ [Self Released]

OmnipusAll Around The Universe [Self Released]

OpiuoGravitate (Feat. Jordan Dennis) [Self Released]

OriomRoots Of Deliverance [Klangwirkstoff Records]

OttHeads [Self Released]

Pan ElectricRam Cycle Ambient Dubs [Self Released]

Panda On The Bamboo TreeXtradimensional Motions [Microcosmos Records]

Path Of SilenceAncestral Light [Synphaera]

Perkulat0REbb & Flow [Self Released]

Perpetual LoopEndpoint [Blue Tunes Chillout]

PhutureprimitiveLosing My Mind [Self Released]

PhutureprimitiveForm & Chaos [Self Released]

Phydra, EvolushawnHollow Point [Danktronics]

PolyporesHyperincandescent [Behind The Sky Music]

PotilottiMauli Galaxy [Iono Music]

PotlatchLemon Cake [Cosmicleaf Records]

PotlatchQuiet Land [Cosmicleaf Records]

PotlatchTears [Cosmicleaf Records]

PranaGeomantik EP [Matsuri Digital Chill]

Prana, Omb, Haruo Chikada, LunasunGeomantik (Lunasun, Haruo Chikada, OMB Remix) [Matsuri Digital Chill]

PrimabotLast Days On Earth [ADN Experiment]

Primal ElectricPrimordial Soup [Nutek Chill]

Psy TRSThe Flying Phoenix [Mindspring Music]

PsyabitA Story Of Tehut [Self Released]

PsyabitOld Saying And Legends [Self Released]

PsychozGravity [Bass Star Records]

PsydellScavenger [Addictech Records]

PsynatraDo You Half The Time? EP [Self Released]

Psypheric, Unusual Cosmic ProcessDynamics [Astropilot Music]

Pulse MandalaTayutau [Self Released]

PurpleandroidIrrational Hero [Hypnogenica]

PurpleandroidPower To The Purple! [Hypnogenica]

QeightNo Way Back [Cosmicleaf Records]

Qeight, EguanaMidnight [Cosmicleaf Records]

Qeight, Germind, EguanaJust Believe Me [Cosmicleaf Records]

Qwentyz泛 Mutual [Billegal Beats]

Random Rab, LvdyRise [Self Released]

Re:SetBeyond Perspectives [Muti Music]

ReasonanduInfinity [Melusine Records]

Red Giant ProjectWobble Boogie [Muti Music]

SabdaKhaki EP [Sofa Beats]

Sacred SeedsEcho System [Mindspring Music]

Sacred SeedsMusings From Eternity [Self Released]

Sacred SeedsSlow Dawn [Self Released]

SalvinorinContos Da Floresta [Self Released]

SandbenderHiding Moon [Self Released]

SeamoonLiveset (Munich Germany 2021) [Self Released]

SecondfaceWardens Of The Mist [Exosphere]

Secret RecipeSecret Recipe – Time’s Arrow [Wormhole Music Group]

SephiraTheory Of Mind [Self Released]

Sergio SincopaDark Space [Blue Tunes Chillout]

Shabboo HarperSouful Seeds [Iono Lounge]

Shaman’s Dream, Liquid Bloom, Dj Taz RashidTemple Gateways (Dj Taz Rashid Yoga Mix) [Black Swan Sounds]

Shankara NZTransmission [Shanti Planti]

ShelajitEmanate [Muti Music]

ShreztahLoonatic [Lysergia Collective]

ShwexDiffuse [Self Released]

Side Liner, EguanaA Beautiful Dreamer [Cosmicleaf Records]

SinteseFigment [Ovnimoon Records]

SkuzzoThe Welcome Party [Psybertribe Records]

Sky Soul, Haive MusicChoosing Thoughts [Iono Lounge]

SlaycubStellar Shower [Self Released]

Slayde, Pura ScoutBloom [Self Released]

Sleeping PandoraCrystal Disc [Self Released]

SleepybutterflyCosmic Obsessed [Bass Star Records]

SmilkNextome [Self Released]

Smooth CriminalThe Shadow’s Verdict [Hadra Records]

Soft KneesMusta Makia (Feat. Stepa) [Self Released]

Soft KneesWinds Of Fjords (Minomus 2022 Remaster) [Self Released]

Sol8, NaaryaFuxia [Mystic Sound Records]

Solar FieldsAltered – Second Movements (Remastered) [Self Released]

Solar QuestAlien Nightlife [Self Released]

Sonic ScopeYoga Lounge 2: Spirit Of Meditation – A Tribute To Osho [Avatar Records]

SoohanHeatwaves – Glass Animals (Soohan & Sarine Inna Dream Remix) [Self Released]

SoohanSoyle Beni Vs Back Then [Self Released]

Sound Waves In DubDesert Traveler [Self Released]

Sounds From The GroundDubs EP [Self Released]

Spaceship EarthAlien Origins [Self Released]

Spacey KoalaDe Rerum Natura [Self Released]

SpectateurNocturne [Self Released]

Spectrum VisionRipple Channel [Self Released]

Spirit Of The WoodMany Moons [Self Released]

State AzureTaiga [Self Released]

State AzureAncestral [Self Released]

State AzureBreathe [Self Released]

State AzureCepheus Origin [Self Released]

Stefan TortoWings Vs Machines (Extended) [Self Released]

Styr0XJazz Fuckrabbit [Self Released]

SubstanDigitales V [Self Released]

SuduayaSoulquest [Arcelya Records]

SunrazersThe Light [Ease Division]

SymmolWhen All Stands Still [Billegal Beats]

SymrPassage EP [Luminus Music]

Ted MazzoneBetween The Lines [Self Released]

TegA Rainy Night [Blue Tunes Chillout]

TemploNever Say Goodbye [Self Released]

Tenet Audio, AstropilotPlaces [Astropilot Music]

Tenet Audio, AstropilotShine [Astropilot Music]

Tenet Audio, Spintribe, AstropilotBlurry Night [Astropilot Music]

Tenet Audio, Spintribe, AstropilotBreathe The Light [Astropilot Music]

TetariseFrozen Signals [Microcosmos Records]

The Blair Glitch ProjectEmerge [The Beats Bizarre]

The Lunar ProjectTilt Shift World [Self Released]

The Lunar Project, Rita RagaNo Spoon You Have Shall Sate You [Self Released]

The MoonrakersSpace Time [Psychedelic Jelly]

The Space CadetExperimental Protocol Vol. 3 [Self Released]

ThewowsignalTransit Of Venus [Sunrock Records]

ThriftworksPaleocene A006-010 [Self Released]

ThriftworksPaleocene A011-015 [Self Released]

Tikki MasalaTribal Beat [Self Released]

Tikki MasalaIn Spirit [Self Released]

TinnitusAlcyoneus [Ease Division]

TinnitusMeridiani Planum [Ease Division]

Tolga MaktayPsuke Delos EP [Sofa Beats]

Tom AlgorithmTime [Calligraphy Recordings]

Tor.Ma In DubCoffee Sessions Vol 2 [Self Released]

ToscaOsam [Self Released]

Translippers, AedemHabitat [Cosmicleaf Records]

Tri AnglesLost Songs 2 [Self Released]

Tri AnglesLost Songs 3 [Self Released]

Tri AnglesLost Songs 4 [Self Released]

Tri AnglesLost Songs 5 [Self Released]

TsouCrave [Wormhole Music Group]

UjiKinto [Self Released]

UjiMito [Self Released]

UltradianScarlet Dawn [Self Released]

Unknown RealityPatchwork 2022 Remakes [Self Released]

Unknown RealitySource Force [Self Released]

Unusual Cosmic ProcessAtlantis [Astropilot Music]

Unusual Cosmic Process, E-MantraSunrise Over The Black Sea EP [Sentimony Records]

Unusual Cosmic Process, Kick Bong, AstropilotSerenity [Astropilot Music]

VandersonFluxsense [Self Released]

Various ArtistsHorns Of Veles [Indra’s Garden]

Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 17 [Ambient Online]

Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 18 [Ambient Online]

Various ArtistsEssentials Vol. 5 [Nutek Chill]

Various ArtistsUnited Beats Of Downtempo, Vol. 4 [Blue Tunes Chillout]

Various ArtistsMashing Up Creation [Dubmission Records]

Various ArtistsChanga Renegades 2 [Visionary Shamanics Records]

Various ArtistsTemple Of Dub Vol 3 [Visionary Shamanics Records]

Vena PortaeMoloko [Microcosmos Records]

Venus TheoryMotions And Echoes [Self Released]

VerdanceIslands [Self Released]

Violeta VicciAutovia (Ryan Crosson Remix) [Liquid Sound Design]

Violeta VicciWillkommen – Df Tram’s Japanese Shopping Mall Mix [Liquid Sound Design]

Violeta VicciButterfly Man (Dan Michaelson Remix) [Liquid Sound Design]

Vivianne SerendipiaSerendipia [Ease Division]

Vylana, Aubrey Marcus, Porangui, Liquid Bloom, Eric ZangRemembrance [Self Released]

WarginCelestial Dreamstate [Mystic Sound Records]

WaterchildFaux [Self Released]

Windom RDon’t Be Afraid To Dream [Calligraphy Recordings]

WiseyoungfoolEmerald City [Self Released]

Wolf TechFleeting Moments [Mindspring Music]

Woob6006 [Self Released]

WoobMonochrome IIII [Self Released]

WornocDistorted Views [Self Released]

XitauSee Through [Billegal Beats]

YaimaMagician [Self Released]

YokoMemoirs Of An Abnormal Mind [Self Released]

Youth, GaudiStratosphere [Liquid Sound Design]

YuvNightfalls [Self Released]

Zebbler Encanti ExperienceMonkey Puzzle (Feat. Dan Mulqueen) [Self Released]

Zero CultIdle Moment [Cosmicleaf Records]

Zero CultMusic Of Invisible Islands [Cosmicleaf Records]

Zero Cult, Unusual Cosmic Process (Astropilot Music)Pathway To Eternity (Dub Remix) [Astropilot Music]

Zion RebelsVacation [Metanoia Sound]

Zman8The Rebirth Of Red Cloud [Self Released]

Zonra, Jackson HaleTime Is A Tool [Self Released]

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