We gathered for you fresh music from all over the world. And in this occasion we would like to highlight the 1st and 2nd VA compiled by Gagarin Project on new label Live Love Create Music. This label will release our soon to arrive 10 years anniversary VA. Stay tuned.

Support of these releases will help to fund a social project in Ukraine. Donations and support welcome www.buymeacoffee.com/livelovecreate

Live Love Freedom – Live Love Create

Live Love Unity – Live Love Create

September 2023

A.e.r.o.Flying Through The Universe 2023 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Advanced Suite And Dj WeirdyThe Best Of Advanced Suite Vol 1. Compiled By Dj Weirdy – Weirdandwonderfulpsychedelicrecords [Album/EP]

Advanced Suite And Dj WeirdyThe Best Of Advanced Suite Vol 2. Compiled By Dj Weirdy – Weirdandwonderfulpsychedelicrecords [Album/EP]

Alpha HypnoticaCamatkara – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

AltariumEmber Dawn – Kosmik Moon Records [Album/EP]

AncestreeGuardian Del Teocatl – Astralvision Records [Album/EP]

Aor AgniLa Meute – Self Released [Single]

ArgusThe Gift – Altar Records [Album/EP]

Astral WavesSingles, Remixes And Rarities II – Altar Records [Album/EP]

AstropilotGleaming On The Horizon – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

AuragamiShuffle – Self Released [Single]

AytharSpiritual Fusion – Self Released [Single]

AytharTribal Earth Mix (2023) – Self Released [Single]

Banco De GaiaMy Little Country – Disco Gecko Recordings [Album/EP]

Brendan Angelides (Fka Eskmo)Oxygen – Ancestor Music [Album/EP]

BrokenblenderAncient Me – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

Chill Qin美麗的灣 Wonderful One – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Cj MattiasChuffle – Billegal Beats [Album/EP]

CloudlvlUp On The Mountain EP – Unfinished Monkey Records [Album/EP]

CosmalSlowrise Remixed – The Gradient Perspective [Album/EP]

Cosmic CadenceCritical Mass – Self Released [Single]

Cosmic TriggerNoaidi – Twisted Records [Single]

Cthulhu BasscraftDeep End – Muti Music [Album/EP]

DeerskinJester Jiggle – Self Released [Single]

DeerskinMoon Worms – Self Released [Single]

Devin KroesThere Is Growth Here – The Rust Music [Album/EP]

Eco JafarWizard Path EP – Hadra Records [Album/EP]

EguanaCosmos Episode 17 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

EguanaOne Day – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

EncountersA Path Beyond Remixed – Over The Moon Music [Album/EP]

EntheoEntheo Acoustic Vol. 1 – Self Released [Album/EP]

EntheoThe One Song – Self Released [Album/EP]

EsseksThis Will All Be Over Soon – Self Released [Single]

EthnoMuiscology Vol. 1 – Gravitas Recordings [Album/EP]

Eyemc & VelvetEyemc & Velvet – Elephant Ep – Wormhole Music Group [Album/EP]

FarfetchdEscape – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Farfetchd & Def3Crossfire – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Floret LoretBloodstone – Gravitas Recordings [Single]

Floret LoretTales From The Terrarium – Gravitas Recordings [Album/EP]

Germind, ElvyaThe Land Of Dreams – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Germind, QeightSomnolent – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Gregory Paul MineeffPulse – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Hardcore BuddhistSucculent – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

HiburuEternal Now EP – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

Holeg SpiesAxis Mundi Reload – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Holeg SpiesNotinism.org Ep – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Holeg SpiesPagans Ep – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Holeg SpiesSupramyth Ep – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Holeg Spies, JaiaDiscode Ep – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Holeg Spies, Jaia, Thierry GottiRain Ep – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Holeg Spies, Thierry GottiUrban Resilience Ep – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

HumandalaQualia – Self Released [Album/EP]

IlysianWauw – Night Owl Collective [Single]

InfinatiMeltdown – Self Released [Single]

Interplanetary ProjectSpecter Of The Future – Mind Revolutions Records [Album/EP]

JongVenus – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Kapje DopjeMountain Stew – Post Modern Music [Album/EP]

KirusoMy Own Search – Self Released [Album/EP]

Kliment, AstropilotDelusive Reality (Remastered 2023) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

KrstosFeelings – Self Released [Single]

KuniFragments Pt 3 – Self Released [Album/EP]

LemonchillFuturistic Liquid – Self Released [Album/EP]

Liquid Bloom, PoranguiKuya Sessions: Sol – Sol Creation Records [Album/EP]

LusidFreaky Thang – Self Released [Single]

MagnetikEndless Quest – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Manna Raps & Tha FruitbatSoak In The Moment – Muti Music [Album/EP]

MawruFor Nobodies – Microcosmos Records [Album/EP]

Mellow SonicIncandescence – Self Released [Single]

MemorioMentalite – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

MinaLost And Remembered – Altar Records [Album/EP]

MorrisoundGenesis – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Natural Life EssenceFractalism [ Aqua ] – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

Natural Life EssenceUncharted Land 2 – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

Naure SaïdShanti – Self Released [Album/EP]

Naure Saïd & Fabrice De GraefGîta Project – Self Released [Album/EP]

NelaYaspur Ep – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

Neuro SektObscure – Self Released [Album/EP]

Noetik The AlchemistIn Lotus – Self Released [Single]

Noetik The AlchemistMyo͞Oz – Self Released [Single]

OmelImagine – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

OverdreamIntoxicating Plants – Self Released [Single]

Pan ElectricMusic For A Busy Head Volume 3 – Self Released [Album/EP]

PotlatchThe Alley At Dawn – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

PsydellHipster Jargon – Self Released [Single]

Pura ScoutInfiltrate – Self Released [Single]

RaVisions – Altar Records [Album/EP]

Richard StonefieldAstral Asteroid (Mobitex Remix) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Richard StonefieldContinent Of Mu – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Richard StonefieldSanctum – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

SabdaPangea EP – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

Sadhu SensiPause Lock – Self Released [Single]

SallunConatus – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

SavejEntheogenetic – Gravitas Recordings [Album/EP]

Secret RecipeTime’s Arrow: The Remixes – Wormhole Music Group [Album/EP]

SenzaWant U – Gravitas Recordings [Single]

Shaman’s Dream & GeometraeDream River – Black Swan Sounds [Single]

Shaman’s Dream, Geometrae Feat Evan FraiserHinimawé – Black Swan Sounds [Single]

ShegalCoffee Break – Ease Division [Album/EP]

ShegalEnter The Shegal Realm – Ease Division [Album/EP]

SheytaDjehuty – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

Silence Of The PeopleBurning Sun – Calligraphy Recordings [Album/EP]

SkytreeHarmonic Residents – Self Released [Album/EP]

SoohanTime Of The Season – The Zombies (Soohan Remix) – Self Released [Single]

Space VenadoSpace Venado – Ahuapixititla – Astralvision Records [Album/EP]

Spaceship EarthExtra-Terrestrial – Self Released [Single]

Spaceship EarthSpaceship Earth & One. – Hour Glass – Self Released [Single]

Spectrum VisionDubby – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Spectrum VisionSerenity – Astropilot Music [Single]

Spectrum Vision Feat. DrumtheaterThe Toad Shaman – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Spectrum Vision, AstropilotThe Elusive II – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

SpoonbillMosaic Shuffle – Self Released [Album/EP]

Stefan TortoVelocity – Self Released [Album/EP]

SubdreamNameless Constellations – Exosphere [Album/EP]

SubsetRecoded – The Dub Factory [Album/EP]

TakkraHiraeth EP – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

Temple Step Project, Nalini Blossom, Charlie RoscoeUnity Prayer (Temple Step Remix) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Ten MadisonBeach – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Terranine In Psy5D Projection – Mystic Sound Records [Album/EP]

The Purple TurtlePhilip The Lonely Warlock – Unfinished Monkey Records [Album/EP]

The Space CadetHey! Vip / Stacey’s Dream – Self Released [Album/EP]

ThriftworksSchmear 001 – Self Released [Album/EP]

ThundergateBetween The Light EP – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

TriboneCan Not Die Remixes – Universal Tribe Records [Album/EP]

Tripp St.Home – Odyzey Music [Album/EP]

Ujo, Spectrum VisionOrchid – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Unknown RealityFresh Air – Self Released [Single]

UnscrapSynthetic Liar – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

UnscrapWaiting For The Meeting – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

Unusual Cosmic ProcessFrames Of Silence. Revisited – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Various ArtistsHadra Trance Festival 2023 – Dream – Hadra Records [Compilation]

Various ArtistsHungarotone – Blue Tunes Chillout [Compilation]

Various ArtistsMelange Freq – Mallabel Music [Compilation]

Various ArtistsTerminal 1 – Avatar Records [Compilation]

Violeta VicciAutovia – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Virgin GalakticDiscovery 21 – Self Released [Album/EP]

VoicheckSpearhead – Unfinished Monkey Records [Album/EP]

WilldabeastSuperhighway Afterglow Remixed – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Windom R, AffireWhite Nights – Calligraphy Recordings [Album/EP]

WoobMonochrome 4495 Repurpose – Self Released [Album/EP]

YokoThe Masquerade – Odyzey Music [Album/EP]

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