Recently we started new partnership with Chill Space network. Each week we will showcase here fresh music and fresh videos from the biggest chillout music Youtube network – ChillSpace.TV ! This week we publish videos from Street Ritual.

Street Ritual

Street Ritual – a Digital Record Label specializing in Conscious Bass Music: Glitch Hop, Future R&B, Tribal, Dubstep, Psychedelic Bass, Future Bass, IDM, & more. We have come to define a sound that is new, unique, genre defying and thought provoking.

Representing over 70 leading artists and over 100 releases since it’s inception, Street Ritual Records has continued to carve a very distinctive path with stellar sounds and beyond unique talent. Eschewing the typical boundaries of what a record label is and does, Street Ritual has grown into the media label of the future, representing visual artists, fashion and more. We plan to continue to break boundaries and push the limits of not only sound, but how groups of artists can work together to create meaningful experiences in an increasingly complex world.


Art Of Fact – The Crow, The Witch and The Fallen

Spundose – Matrix That We Shake

Spundose – Tones That We Broadcast

Soulacybin – Slug Cuddles

Spundose – Relatives

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