Dear Chillers,

About a month ago, we asked you to share with us your favorites mixes and we thank to everybody who contributed! Today, we are happy to present you the results of our first PSYCHILL MIX POLL.

We believe, that DJs have an important role of the interpreters and ambassadors of different music styles. Their creative mission is to bring to public the magic musical diamonds, to bring us their unique mixtapes that combine the tracks and pieces from both known and new producers, famous and hidden pearls.

We received in total a bit more then 400 votes! In total 42 downtempo / psychill / ambient mixes have been submitted. We are aware that our results are not 100% objective, we know that some interesting mixes might have not even been submitted for a vote, however we are happy with our results!

You will find below a list of 20 mixes that have received the most of votes. We would like to propose you to listen to them! Feel welcome to comment this post below with your impressions and also send directly some messages and comment to the DJs to thank them for their time ☺


(sorted in alphabetical order)
Cosmic Deva – Binaural Teleportation link
D.Rec – live mix @ Hadra Festival 2013 link
Foose – Sonica Dance Festival 2013 link
Gagarin Project – Moon (Cosmic Awakening 07) link
Intuïtiu – Half Moon Mountain 2013 link
IooN – The Collective Cosmic Consciousness link
Johnny Blue – Tree Of Life Festival 2013 link
LightChild – I Know, I Do link link
Liquid Lounge – Ebb and Flow link
Quitte – Sofa Session link
Runa – Step Psy Step link
Selector Cleofus – Equinox: Sunrise link
Spiky – Tangra Festival link
Spirit Hood – Cocktail @ Connection Festival 2013 link
SuKhush – Live at Fusion Festival 2013 link
Tengri – Psychedelic On Chill Mix link
Trala DJ Lama – Tome Ching Silly link

From the PSYBIENT.ORG team, we would like to thank to all the DJs who have created for us this music journeys and to all producers who created those wonderful tracks! We wish you a lot of inspiration and energy to realize your goals and explore life in full! Stay with us, stay awaken :)

p.s. We also invite you to have a look at an extensive list of psychill albums released in 2013 => LINK

* top 20 according to results of a poll organised and held on facebook by PSYBIENT.ORG.
a link to FB event with results and rules => LINK