we would like to bring your attention to the second full length album of canadian artist – Zoungla. In the best tradition of classic psychill/psybient sound, mixing ethnic instruments and modern sound production techniques Costa Damoulianos gives us a journey into sound exploration.

below is the official presentation from Zoungla, support artist if you like more music to be produced.

“Uninspired by the corruption and hatred in the world, Captain Landsick grew weary of the land around him and sets course to explore new realities and fulfill his dreams. In the midst of his journey he finds himself mirroring that exact image he despised and became just as greedy as the atrocious world he once looked down upon. Mother Nature, taking matters into her own hands, condemned Captain Landsick to a lifetime of being a prisoner of the sea.

As time passes Captain Landsick becomes interconnected with his crew mates and takes the time he’s been burdened with to reflect on the purpose of life. After being humbled by Mother Nature’s grand design, his journey to conquer land had turned into a lesson of becoming one with the universe and he finally finds solace in Our Land.
Experience the instrumental musical that takes you on a journey through the storms of the sea to discover the arbitrary walls we build and the lines that we draw.”

more info and purchase at www.zoungla.bandcamp.com