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Events and festivals of this week:

Ott Live @ Fort Collins (USA)
Gem and Jam Festival 2016 (USA)
Inchala Festival 2016 (Uruguay)
Kalya Scintilla (Australia)
Ott Live @ Durango (USA)
Nebulae Live Session (Germany)

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Album of the week 5 results

1st: Moondancer – Unnatural Species [ Quantum Digits Recordings ]

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Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Alejo & Vusive – Evolve EP – Thaz Dope Records
Astropilot – Solar Walk IV: Youniverse – Blue Tunes Chillout
Autumn Of Communion – Polydeuces – Txt Recordings
Darshan Atmosphere – Diving Deep – Masala Records
Dense & Fourth Dimension – Mindcycles Vol. 3 – Cosmicleaf Records
Dreaming Cooper – Mysterious Places – Altar Records
Ecometric – Archives – Shanti Planti
Emog – The Blessing – Blot
Flucturion 2.0 – Wherever Miracles Are – Altar Records
Hypnotizer – Sparkling Forest / 3-Lotus – Space Tepee Music
Jedidiah – Inspire – Uxmal Records
John Spanos – The End Of Time – Cosmicleaf Records
Martins Garden & Yechidah – Diva – Merkaba Music
Master Margherita – Spaced / Mission #1 – Casalinga Production
Mauxuam – Weltangshaung – Collection Three – Disposable.Audio
Mynah – Living inFormation – Transcendent Tunes
Reflection – Mirror Stories – Psyde Effect Records
Shamanizm Parallelii – Tales From Colored Tepee – Ae Records & Neogoa
Xibil – Willow – Aera Records

Album of the week 6 selection :

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And for dessert it is an animation that will let you get inside Stephen Hawking’s mind. They tell that apart of black holes and other cosmic processes Stephen is also fascinated with music. This animation is based on ’80s graphics and it’s pretty psychedelic.
More info about the video here

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