presents you TOP10 chart of remarkable psychill releases in 2013 chosen by Dense. We propose you to have a look to his choice and to listen to this releases if you don’t know them yet. We encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting this article. Keep chilled and stay open minded!

About Dense

Dense is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany. In 2013 his latest album „Exhale“ (Altar Rec.) saw the light of the world. In these winter days, the label head of chillgressive tunes is finishing the upcoming GMO vs. Dense album together with GMO a.k.a. Minoru, scheduled for summer, and is busily working on his next solo album.
Beside producing, he‘s responsible for the chillout and downbeat section on leading web radio station Since 2010 you can chill along with „Chill On!“ every Sunday afternoon. Denses long-lasting experience as a DJ and musician for more than two decades is a helping hand to pick out astonishing and stunning tunes. If you know Dense as a DJ on international festivals, you can imagine his focus as host is on uplifting melodic chill out sounds. Supported by many labels, he‘s serving the freshest releases and upgrades the chillout scene with his weekly four-hour transmission and exclusive DJ sets.

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1. Maluns – Straight Theory (Cosmicleaf)
Wow! This debut album from Swiss producer Maluns shows a new chapter in intelligent chill out music. Nine unique tracks combine perfectly and deliver an unheard story. Probably the most played album in our kitchen in 2013. With this release, Cosmicleaf Rec. expands its wide range of chill out styles. Looking forward to his upcoming second album in spring. Discover this release here.

2. VA – Cosmoscapes (Atmospheric)
As well a unique collection of modern chill out sounds we‘ve got compiled by Aydin Bz. With tracks by Danish devil Erot, Cell, Cabeiri, Rabitza, Seamoon and others he opened a window to the variety of danceable psybient. I think, some of its tracks will last long in my case. Discover this release here.

3. Akshan – The Rise Of Atlantis (Altar)
Akshan kept the French tribal revolution burning with his follow-up „The Rise Of Atlantis“. Tracks like „Gates Of Heaven“ or „Journey To Persia“ tied up to his stunning debut album. Again, powerful pads and tribal parts combine in perfect harmonies. Discover this release here.

4. D.Batistatos – Sunshine Velvet (Cosmicleaf)
The third album of Greek producer D.Batistatos includes some of his finest productions, remixes and collaborations that have been scattered in various releases. All tracks have been remastered with new sound standards and will support your listening pleasure. Perfect to start the day and let your mind drift away. Discover this release here.

5. VA – Spring (Altar), compiled by DJ Zen
After the elements series, DJ Zen now started the „Seasons“ series with „Spring“. With a wide bpm range he shows the variety of Altar Rec. psychedelic trance and downtempo artists like Astropilot, Lab‘s Cloud, Asura, Akshan and myself, who delivered tracks for this compilation. Every year, there will be a new piece, so expect „Summer“ in 2014. Discover this release here.

6. Dedast – Banished From The Realm (Cosmicleaf)
Vassilis Miamis formerly known as Will-O’-The Wisp, returns with a fresh album inviting you in a magic world of emotions. Cosmiceaf Rec. showed again, why to look out for their upcoming releases by outstanding artists. This one delivered a journey from beatless ambient tracks like „Someone Said“ up to danceable tunes with „Outer World“. Discover this release here.

7. Flucturion 2.0 – Travelling To Pacific Stars (Spaceradio)
With this three track EP, Konstantin from Moscow, Russia, painted a work of unsettled but also clear sounds reminding a bit of the 80‘s. For me, the best release on Spaceradio Rec. in 2013. Discover this release here.

8. Zero Cult – Absolute Zero (Cosmicleaf)
Another three track EP last year not to be missed we‘ve got by Zero Cult from Israel, following up his just a few weeks before released album „Pop Insanity“. See it as a blend that combines all the Zero Cult styles from his beginning since now in three tracks with title track „Absolute Zero“ in favorite 4/4 psybient style. Discover this release here.

9. Alwoods – Long Life Forest (Altar)
After his surprising debut „Aeolian Mode“, „Long Life Forest“ is Johns second full-length album. Beautiful melodies accompany driving bass-lines and his signature 4/4 kick. Every track is a unique piece of art in itself and invites to hear more. Each sound hits your ears with thick bass lines that vibrate and resonate your ear drums and your entire being – this combination of melodies with deep energetic basses makes his tracks outstanding. Discover this release here.

10. Dense – Exhale (Altar)
Every egomaniac would not leave out his own release in a selection, so why miss this chance to let you know about my latest solo album?! You can enjoy a journey from beginning to the end with selected remixes of tracks by GMO vs. Dense, E-Mantra and Cabeiri and of course own tracks like floor filling „The Right Distance“ or „Moonflower“, last one appeared as well on the „Spring“ compilation, see above. Discover this release here.