[creative] Psychedelic Visionary Artists

We are happy to share with you a list of visionary artists. Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences. You can find more about visionary art on wikipedia.

In the actual moment this list contains over 100 different artist and we are planning to keep it growing. Feel welcom to comment this post with some of your favourites.

Visionary Artists (in alphabetical order)

[A. Andrew Gonzalez] [Abhi Thati] [Adam Psybe] [Adam Scott Miller] [Alex Grey]
[Aloria Weaver] [Amanda Sage] [Andreas Nottebohm] [Andrew Jones] [Andy Reed] [Andy Thomas] [Anton Kononov]
[Antonio Roybal] [Ashely Foreman] [Autumn Skye] [Azura] [Bill Martin] [Bonnie Goodson] [Brigid Marlin] [Cameron Gray] [Carey Thompson] [Chris Dyer] [Cliff McReynolds] [Dan Hampe] [Daniel Mirante] [David Heskin] [David Normal] [De Es Schwertberger] [Dennis Konstantin] [Emily Kell] [Erial Ali] [Eric Nez] [Ernst Fuchs] [Fabien Jimenez] [GeoGlyphiks (George Atherton)] [H. R. Giger] [Hana Alisa Omer] [Jake Kobrin] [Jalai Lama] [Jess Noemind] [John Pitre] [Johnathan Solter] [Joness Jones] [Joseph Skala] [Josh Audiss] [Josip Csoor] [Justin Bonnet] [Justin Guse] [Justin Totemical] [Ka Kathryn Amorastreya] [Keerych Luminokaya] [Kelsey Brookes] [Kevin Lowry] [Kevin Vigil] [Krystleyez (Krystle Smith)] [Larry Carlson] [Laurence Caruana] [Leigh McCloskey] [Liba Waring Stambollion] [Lorenzo Scott] [Luke Brown] [Maddie Moore] [Mario Martinez ] [Mark Henson] [Mark Ryden] [Martina Hoffman] [Matei Apostolescu] [Mati Klarwein] [Michael Divine] [Michael Garfield] [Morgan Mandala] [Mugwort (Isaac Mills)] [Murat Sayginer] [Naoto Hattori]
[Neil Gibson] [Norbert Cox] [Oleg A. Korolev] [Olivia Curry] [Pablo Amaringo] [Patricia van Lubeck] [Paul Laffoley] [Pouyan Khosravi] [Rachel Mandala] [Radhika Hersey] [Rae Vena] [Randal Roberts] [Robert Venosa] [Roman Villagrana] [Rudolf Hausner] [Samuel Farrand]
[Seth McMahon] [Shawn Hocking] [Simon Haiduk] [Skee Goedhart] [Stuart Grigz] [Sweet Melis] [Ted Wallace] [Tokio Aoyama] [Velveeta Heartbreak] [Vincent Castiglia] [Xavi Panneton]

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  1. sonical

    Hello, I think you’ll enjoy the videos I’ll link to below:

    They’re both 3d fractal animations made with mandelbulb 3d (great & free software)

    Suub – Gaussian Swagger :


    They’re expansive!

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