Hi Emil,

we have 5 simple questions for you today

when did you first hear the slower psy music ?

the first track was of course is “Dancing with Kadafi” of “Infected Mushroom”.

what is the first album or track that marked you with the slow bpm psy sound?

first album that marked me with slow bpm is album of “Shulman”-In Search of a Meaningful Moment

Do you make difference between psybient and psychill? What is this difference for you?

is no difference for me between two names. but its should be as psybient-pure ambient music with psy touches and psychill-chillout with psy touches.

How do you see future of psy downtempo music?

i think a pure psy-downtempo music will stay alive,more and more fans discovering that style and i’m expecting a big future together with a new “progressive chill” music that i make this days.
hope you will be satisfied with my answers

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