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Last week the request about ‘please share your ideas and fill in the form to improve us’ was effective: we have received a few more ideas and particularly filled feedback forms! Thumbs up! So this week we remind you again to join the discussion and fill in the form when you can share your thoughts about what do you like or dislike in our forum, website or FB updating. What kind of content is missing? What would you change in the world about our website? Thanks!

Week events and festivals:

OpenMind Festival 2015 (Canada)
Big Dub Festival 2015 (USA)
Yaga Gathering 2015 (Lithuania)
Return to Roots Gathering 2015 (USA)
Festival Harmonic 2015 (France)
Mozamboogy (Mozambique)
Summer Never Ends Festival 2015 (Suisse)
ZNA Gathering – A Retro Futuristic Celebration 2015 (Portugal)
Sacred Earth Open Air (US)
Simsalaboom Festival (Germany)
Tantra Music Festival (France)
Desert Dwellers The Great Mystery Tour – Lolo (USA)
Desert Dwellers The Great Mystery Tour – El Prado (USA)
Nomad Transformed: Ambient meets Sitar (Germany)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Archa – 18th Revolution – Triple Drop Productions
Ascendant – Æthereal Code – Synphaera Records
Calibrate – Etheric Echoes – Merkaba Music
Celt Islam – Murshid – Earth City Recordz
Chronos – Sequenced Lights – Kissthesound Records
Encke Division – The Power To Dream – Mindspring Music
Germind – Silhouette Depth – Cosmicleaf Records
Icaro – Invocation EP – Lostinsound.org
Illenium, Said The Sky & Cristina Soto – Painted White – Gravitas Recordings
Milieu – Statuettes – Txt Recordings
S.E.T.I. – The Data Logs Of Astro Myrmex – Txt Recordings
Smooth Genestar – Sputnik EP – Cyan Music
Spoonbill – Tinkerbox – Omelette Records
Ultra Musica – Tranquillo Amor – Self Released
Unikorp – Urban Riddles EP – DVSM Records
Various Artists – Organic Beats Vol. 3 – Altar Records

Album of the week 31 selection :

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Album of the week 30 “forum poll” results

As it was published just a few days ago, the results are not clear yet. It’s psychill vote, so the voting process is really chilled.
Three releases are on the 1st place now, including Cosmic Replicant release that is unexpectedly dubtech-ish

That’s a bit boring to have 3 releases on the 1st place, so please help us to identify the winner of the poll!

Check it out with links and players here

Stay chilled and vote! :)