Germany has a strong tradition in music events and Antaris Festival has a long history of successful editions.
Next one will be in July 16-18 2016 !
We have asked Antaris team to tell us more about this year chillout area and it’s lineup, all information below !

Willkommen !


The Shanti Playground – this is the name of the Chillout-Area realized by “The Playground of life”, a young, vibrant, off grid eco community in the making, located in the north of Portugal. They will provide a comfortable and relaxing chill space and a vegetarian/vegan food stall, using natural and recycled materials whenever possible. Three stretch tents will provide 300m2 of shade and shelter, and of course there will be a fantastic lineup arranged again virtuously by CHRIS ZIPPEL! (we have recently made interview with Chris, you can read it here)

Totally ANTARIS has three stages: Main Floor, Alternative Floor, Chill Out Area. There will be an excellent musical arrangement up from Proggy, Dark Prog, Full-On, Forest, Psychedelic Trance, Techno and Electro to – of course – Ambient! Music will go on for four days and three nights, and there will be of course a magnificent blacklight show and a lot of fabulous night-time visuals. ANTARIS will celebrate it’s 22nd issue and it will take place from 15th to 18th of July near Berlin, Germany, in Stölln, one hour driving away from Berlin with train or car.


Lineup CHILL AREA 2016

Happy Troll / Sterngucker / Germany

Genuine Sounds / Nu Ambient / Spain

Mat Mushroom / Mushroom Magazine

Santana Psydeva / Germany

B. Ashra / Klangwirkstoff / Germany

Sangeet / Germany

Spiky / Ajnavision / Earth City / Greece

Aquarius / Peakrecords / Germany

Raviv / Wicked Brain / Germany

Gandalf / Pan-O-Rama / Spain

T.Erra / Psychedelic Experience / Germany

Jens Rawolle / Kitkat, Millenium / Germany

Necton Dubified / Kryptonica / Sweden

Bioport / Voodoobeat / Germany

Chris Zippel / Genuine Sounds / Germany

Mystic Crock (Live) / Nomad / Germany

Ale / Sonica / Italy

Taiora & Feller / Germany

Neobeo / Freakplanet / Germany

Acousmatikoi / Germany

Looney Moon / Italy

Antaro / Spiritzone / Germany

Ewald Klassen / Paartherapie / Switzerland

Saetchmo / Rootdub / Germany

Valis / Germany

Ed. 2000 / Dangerous Drums / Uk

Super Trooper Feat. Julian Williams (Live) / Germany

Bluespace / New Mexico

Muschi Moped & The Mechanic / Germany

Tom Eichenhagen & Van Hagelslag

Terranine / New Zealand

Denize Swan / Pure People / Germany

Dj Bass-T73 / Waldfrieden / Germany

Eat Static / Uk

Moody / Solartech / Germany




Maybe we see you there ?! Antaris calling :)