24th edition of Antaris project will be held on 13-16th July. We have recently published interview with Antaris, and today we would like to give give you more information about event, the news and the latest updates of chillout lineup.

The “Starship ANTARIS” is beaming you up once again! With the slogan LAUGH & DANCE – AGAINST WAR! the Antarians celebrate and dance for friendship, peace and freedom, on the second weekend in July.

The audience attending is highly international, relaxed and quite divers – just like the original spirit that is also the hallmark of the gathering. At night it gets down to party: The ANTARIS is a bombastic fluorescent blacklight festival. The Mainfloor transforms into the ANTARIS UFO and gives the dancers access to a parallel world. When the sound gets faster and harder on the Mainfloor, the Alternative Floor appears light and bright – and vice versa. The best of Progressive Trance will be presented by top acts like Ace Ventura, Egorythmia and Morten Granau. In addition, an old-school afternoon with inter alia Astral Projectionis on the line up, too. Forest will this time be put on by Giuseppe and Uncle Dunkel. Astrix, Neuroplasm, Burn in Noise and Altruism will heat up the crowd with Full On. This year, there will also be a special show for techno fans: Merv from Eat Static and Nektarios Meintanis from Martian Arts will perform a live set as their new project named Strontium Dogs – without a computer and only with modular synthesizers.

The CHILLOUT AREA has become a small and secret dance alternative to the other floors with a more relaxed chill and electronic sound : Many Dj’s & Acts from the trendy Berlin clubs like Kater Blau, Sisyphos and others enrich the creative lineup, designed for the 8th time by Chris Zippel / Genuine Sounds.
The “Starship ANTARIS” is beaming you up once again! With the slogan LAUGH & DANCE – AGAINST WAR! the Antarians celebrate and dance for friendship, peace and freedom, on the second weekend in July.

Including the ON! Show crew around Tom Eichhagen and Joma Beton. The Iranian and head of the Slomo Party series, Moji (Rebellion der Träumer), Miguel Martinez from Mexico (Weltanschluss) and Marcos Lopez (Marmion).
The Hamburg-based act Vargo will present their new Ep 100 on Holzmarkt label ‘Mucke’, and the DJ-veteran’Ping’ from the Hanseatic city will also be there.
Further highlights: Irwin Leschet, ED 2000, Sidi Kaouki, Antaro and Eat Static.
In addition to the dancefloor there is a large tent with a fire bowl to relax in, as well as a fairy bar with delicious specials and a fairy kitchen with vitalizing dishes. At the bar you are served by elves, and you can get make-up or body painting there. The great troup is called “Elphame Fairy Circus” – it is colorful and wonderful!

Another place to relax and re-energize is the SPIRITUAL CIRCLE. Situated between the two main dance floors, this area still remains a calm and powerful oasis of esoteric charm that´s not to be missed. On the program: Yoga, Tai Chi massages, Zen workshops and much more.

Camping is free, showers are available.
Presale tickets and more information: www.antaris-project.de



open to see
FRIDAY (tba)

Sangeet / lump records / Germany
Dj Ping / East Cosmos / Germany
Chris Zippel / Feel, Deichbrand / Germany
Joma Beton / ON! Show / Germany
Knüppel / Germany
Tom Eichhagen / ON! Show / Germany


T.Erra / Psychedelic Experience / Germany
Neobeo / Freakplanet / Germany
Germany Raviv / Wicked Brain / Germany
Mike Gfeller / Genuine Sounds / New Mexico
Reto Zeindler / The Bar / Swiss
Irwin Leschet / Silberschwein / Germany
Nick E. Meta / Cambodia
Irwin Leschet / Silberschwein / Germany
Björnito / Floordrobe / Swiss
Vargo / Lost In Music / Mukke / Germany
Sidi Kaouki / Genuine Sounds / Germany
Die Mantis / Essentiaxperience / Germany
Rummy Sharma / Techno Botschaft / India


Six Am / Ov-Silence Muxic / Germany
Dj Aennigma / Germany
Aquarius / Peakrecords / Germany
Stefano Cazzo / Germany
Marcos López / Singer & Songtronica Set Genuine Sounds / Bergfall /Germany
Moji /Rebellion Der Träumer / Iran
Valis / Germany
Ed 2000 / Dangerous Drums / UK
Miguel Martinez / Weltanschluss / Mexico
Djamal / Bambuddha / Ibiza
Eat Static / UK


Lab F/Ibiza
Necton Dubified / Kryptonica / Sweden
Dj Omkara / Dubai
Acousmatica (Live) / Germany
Dschawenga / Essentiaxperience / Germany
Sean Byron / Hilltribe Sessions / Swiss
Antaro / Spiritzone / Germany
Bass-T73 / Main Bar / Germany
Taiora & Feller / Spain

Willkommen !


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