We gathered for you fresh music from all over the world. And in this occasion we would like to highlight the 1st and 2nd VA compiled by Gagarin Project on new label Live Love Create Music. This label will release our soon to arrive 10 years anniversary VA. Stay tuned.

Support of these releases will help to fund a social project in Ukraine. Donations and support welcome www.buymeacoffee.com/livelovecreate

Live Love Freedom – Live Love Create

Live Love Unity – Live Love Create

April 2023

22&8Phoenix Rising – Self Released [Album/EP]

A Friend Of MineA Friend Of Mine – Altar Relax [Album/EP]

AcidStormRemasters 2023 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Akasha ProjectZeit – Self Released [Album/EP]

AlejoTough Cuts Vol. 3 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Alice SpacedollWords Are Spells – Self Released [Single]

AmbCollected Stories Vol 1: The Magic Button – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Ambient Temple Of ImaginationThe Invocation, Remix – Self Released [Single]

An-Ten-NaeThe Space Beneath The Light – Self Released [Album/EP]

Art Of FactAge Of Ophidia – Self Released [Single]

Arthur PralayaEvolution – Self Released [Album/EP]

Astral WavesMajestique – Altar Records [Album/EP]

Astronaut ApeOpenness – Self Released [Album/EP]

AstropilotSweet Sadness – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

AzurescensEternal Spores – Self Released [Album/EP]

BalancéSmells Like Coffee – Self Released [Album/EP]

BendjaThe Same Law – Hadra Altervision Records [Album/EP]

Celt Islam1984 – Self Released [Single]

Celt IslamDubvoid – Self Released [Single]

Celt IslamSultan Dub – Self Released [Album/EP]

CeltotronElfenland – Self Released [Album/EP]

ChomppaThe System EP – Self Released [Album/EP]

ChronosCaucasus – Mystic Sound Records [Album/EP]

CirqularGamma Wave Synchrony – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

ClockmeltEvocation Of Yog-Sothoth – Self Released [Album/EP]

Conscious FrequenciesPrimeval Retrieval – Digital Duvet [Album/EP]

D-Echo ProjectPorta Del Mar – Self Released [Album/EP]

Daddy Spencer & Dreadlock TalesStop Meddling (Version) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Dalton Trance TeleportModul Sub 2 – Blue Tunes Chillout [Album/EP]

Data RebelEmber – Self Released [Album/EP]

David StarfireYou (Ft. Oriel) – Self Released [Single]

DillardGarden Mother – Self Released [Album/EP]

DroplitzRoom 2 Doom – Self Released [Single]

DroplitzTrigger – Self Released [Single]

Dub SutraMy Way Home – Self Released [Single]

Dub SutraTibetan Bowl Savasana – Self Released [Single]

E-MantraPale Blue Dot – Self Released [Album/EP]

Earth ChildLiquid Geometrics – Nutek Chill [Album/EP]

Eartha HarrisHalo Effect – Iboga Records [Album/EP]

EntheoWe Already Are – Self Released [Single]

Eos & Spirit Of The WoodLobule Diffusion (Spirit Of The Wood Remix) – Self Released [Single]

ErstavDays – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Floor TwentyLaced – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Floor TwentyTales From The Floor – Muti Music [Album/EP]

GermindBorn From Space – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

GermindMeditation – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

GladkillSmoke (Wardub S4) – Self Released [Single]

Gnome & SpybeyCollective – Self Released [Album/EP]

GoopsteppaInvisibility Cloak – Self Released [Album/EP]

GroovitalKupalinka – Mudra Music [Album/EP]

Hardcore BuddhistSucculent – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

He1d1 KReconnected – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

HypnagogCollected Dream Fragments II – Kinematic Records [Album/EP]

HypnoxockAbfahrt – Alone It’s Me (Hypnoxock Tribute 2023) – Self Released [Single]

I-OneBuddhist Temple – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Ilmush3000 Wishes – Self Released [Single]

IndidginusThe Great Bollywood Car Chase – Self Released [Single]

IndidginusYou Know – Self Released [Single]

IshqHillside Harmonies – Self Released [Album/EP]

IshqIshq At Vertigo Gardens – Self Released [Album/EP]

JontealFalcon Eyes EP – Self Released [Album/EP]

KeemiyoMetanoia – Self Released [Album/EP]

Key EraRemixes Beta EP – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

Know MatterQuiet / Deli Jeppers – Self Released [Album/EP]

LangwidjEscape Plan – The Rust Music [Album/EP]

LemonchillDeep Brain Simulation – Self Released [Album/EP]

LemonchillNeurons Of Utopia – Self Released [Album/EP]

LensflareDrone Winter – (Ambient Sessions) – Self Released [Album/EP]

MagnetikSea Dance – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Man Of No EgoAum Vol.I (432Hz) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Martin NonstaticUnlocked EP – Ultimae Records [Album/EP]

Mat The Alien, SubstanceFlashin – Muti Music [Album/EP]

MatthewdavidMycelium Music – Self Released [Album/EP]

Melo.NadeMelo Archives – Self Released [Album/EP]

MfinityOff Path EP – Self Released [Album/EP]

MoregoFascination – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Natural Life EssenceNatural Screen – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

Nebadon-XShapeshifter – Blue Tunes Chillout [Album/EP]

NotonoLost In The Dust – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

Noya ProjectNowhere – Self Released [Album/EP]

NsekNema – Muti Music [Album/EP]

ObsqureL’Affranchi – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

OverdreamRather Ridiculous – Self Released [Single]

OverdreamWorries And Scars – Self Released [Single]

PaquAbyss – Plexus Music [Album/EP]

Parallax-5Sonic Awakening – Synphaera [Album/EP]

Pete ArdronGoddess (2023 Re-Recording) – Self Released [Album/EP]

PoranguíBeauty Way – Self Released [Album/EP]

PotlatchDazzling Leaf – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Prah-LadjiEcstatic Kirtan – Altar Records [Album/EP]

ProcrastinatrixAmethyst – Ease Division [Album/EP]

Prox.BleepFragmented – Billegal Beats [Album/EP]

QeightInside – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

QeightStay – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Queen Of SwordsMass Effect – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

Queen Of SwordsPsychosomatik Visions – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

RaUnearthly (Remastered) – Altar Records [Album/EP]

Re:SetSons Of Tarots – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Red Giant ProjectSay To Me – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Rita RagaFlowing Circle – Self Released [Album/EP]

Sacred SeedsImagineering – Self Released [Album/EP]

Samo ZokoAdventures Of Hope – Microcosmos Records [Album/EP]

SleepybutterflyLove You Deeply – Ease Division [Album/EP]

Solar QuestRadikal Squares – Self Released [Album/EP]

SpacecrimeGone Girl – Ease Division [Album/EP]

State AzureAs The Dawn Fades – Self Released [Album/EP]

State AzureMotion Of Three – Self Released [Album/EP]

State AzureReminisce EP – Self Released [Album/EP]

SubstanConversations With The Cosmos – Self Released [Album/EP]

Sundial AeonRegenesis – Impact Studio Records [Album/EP]

Terra NineInception EP – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

The EbertbrothersPolymer Boulevard Remixes – Mindwaves Music [Album/EP]

The OrbPrism – Cooking Vinyl [Album/EP]

The Purple TurtleApocalypse – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

The Witch DoctorIt Doesn’t Burn – Ease Division [Album/EP]

Tikki Masala & Darshan AtmosphereNight Sky (Feat. Adrian Atma) – Self Released [Single]

Tikki Masala & Martyn ZijTransition (Feat. Avi Adir & Sina Siav) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Transient StatesBallade En Foret – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 23 – Ambient Online [Compilation]

Various ArtistsBicycle Day: 85 Yrs Of LSD Special – Liquid Sound Design [Compilation]

Version Bizar ExperimentOn Way To The Dreams Castle – Self Released [Album/EP]

Wagawaga8 1Nc. – Self Released [Album/EP]

WatasuniWhere The Ocean’s Free – Tranquil Sounds Productions [Single]

Windom ROther Mars – Calligraphy Recordings [Album/EP]

WornocDrift – Self Released [Single]

XenolinguistMarch Of The Goobers – Black Moon Syndicate [Album/EP]

YarnDeep Inside – Self Released [Single]

Yoy ProjectConvolution Odyssey EP – Hadra Altervision Records [Album/EP]

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