Author: gagarin podcast – episode 13 – Archaic Smile mixed by SeaMoon

Welcome to episode 13 of podcast. This episode is compiled and mixed by SeaMoon, all tracks are originals or remixes by SeaMoon. message from SeaMoon: Hello Friends, this mix is fully dedicated to my new upcoming album and and all it’s listeners. I’m really thankful for this portal since psybient music needs and deserves much more support in the world. This mix contains a mix of older (not too old ones) tracks and tracks from the upcoming album. Please enjoy it and stay positive! subscribe to mailing list to to receive a link to high quality download...

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Interview with Dakini Festival

if you want to spend five extremely beautiful days on the virgin shores of the Black Sea, surrounded by great music and friends, than you should definitely come to Dakini. We’ve got a lot of surprises in line and we know for a fact that you won’t be disappointed!

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thoughts on where to buy music and how to support labels?

we would like to bring a discussion and share with you some interesting information. As a regular music consumers and a media dedicated to music, we are often confronted with questions related to music industry and artist/label revenue. Some regular questions are: – where to buy music? – how to support labels? – is buying from itunes bad? – do people still buy CDs and why? – how to support artist? some time ago Anoebis from Sunstrip records share some information about his label, you can read the pdf file here you can also read the psynews forum thread...

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WORLD DJ DAY – 9th March

WORLD DJ DAY is celebrated on 9th March ! So we would like to congratulate DJs in all styles, all genres, all races and colors with this holiday ! We love DJ’s and we need DJ’s :) Recommended reading: – best dj’s in 2017 – best dj’s in 2016 – psybient dj...

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псайбиент и псайчил

Psybient (псайбиент) или PsyChill (псайчил) – это музыкальный стиль, жанр электронной музыки, который сочетает в себе элементы психоделического транса, эмбиента (ambient), даунтемпо (downtempo), даба (dub), этнической музыки (ethnic music), музыки «нью-эйдж» (new-age). Само понятие psybient родилось как сокращение psychedelic ambient / psychedelic chillout. Чилаут (также чиллаут, от англ. to chill out — «успокаиваться», «расслабляться»). Другие названия: ambient trance, ambient goa, psy chill, goa chill, slowtrance (slow trance) что в переводе медленный транс. псайбиент псайбиент 2018 псайбиент 2017 псайбиент 2016 псайбиент 2015 псайбиент 2014 псайбиент 2013 псайбиент 2012 псайбиент 2011 сайт от псайбиент музыке на этом сайте вы найдете много...

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