We are very happy to start publishing the “best of the year” community poll results. In this occasion we express our gratitude to readers, labels and artists that supported the poll. We did our best to have as much participants as possible – in order to have more accurate and objective results, but we also understand that some of you didn’t have time or desire to participate. We had more them 1500 persons who opened the page with poll, and almost 300 people have finalised the poll.

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As for now, we are starting to carefully count votes and we will progressively publish results.
Today we start with the very important category – Best new artist for 2015. Obviously, our votes concerns only “psybient, chillout, psychill, ambient, psydub, dub, psystep, downtempo, idm” related music.

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Best new artist for 2015

This category vote results are a bit tricky, this question was optional and we didn’t have that many participants, so we have several nominees for some positions, including the first one. Vote categories with same number of votes are sorted in alphabetical order. Congratulations to our “winners”.

1st place


2nd place

Man Of No Ego

3rd place

Cloower Wooma
Mystic Crock

4th place


5th place

Forgotten Future
Stimulus Timbre

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This poll is probably the biggest poll in our scene, but we are not alone! We would like to attract your attention to the votes recently published by a reddit “sub” psybient (link).