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Events and festivals of this week:

Banco de Gaia Live Tour (UK
Maitreya Festival 2016 (Australia)
Ott in Covington (USA)
Rugstynes (Lithuania)
Ott in Key Biscane (USA)
Bass Sanskrirti (India)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 9 results

1st: Infinite Brothers – Signals EP [ The Adaptive ]

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Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Argyria – Jai Shiva Shankar Remixes – Avatar Records
Artem Leer – Vanaspati – Self Released
Aythar – Astronautica – Carpe Sonum Records
B. Brain – Piqure De Rappel – Hadra Records
Bluetech – The 4 Horsemen Of The Electrocalypse: The White Horse – Self Released
Cristina Soto – All I Need – Gravitas Recordings
David Starfire – Karuna – Amrita Recordings
Dusha – Belye Sny – Biomechanix Records
Easily Embarrassed – EE4A – EE Music
Easily Embarrassed – EE4B – EE Music
Easily Embarrassed – EE4C – EE Music
Harold Sleeper – Harold Sleeper – Self Released
Living Light – Tales From The Karman Line 1: Hemispheres – Desert Trax
Logarithmic Spirall Fly-X – Immersed In A Magical Portal – Self Released
Michael Pastika – Fragment Of Memories – Plexus Music
Natural Life Essence – Vibrance Nature – Blue Tunes Chillout
Neorus – Existence – Self Released
Noraus – Type 1 Civilization – Microcosmos Records
R.Roo – Otherwhere Remixes Vol. 2 – Self Released
Secondface – In The Distance – Self Released
Secret Recipe – Post Dystopian Renaissance – Street Ritual
Side Liner & Aviron – Out Of Town – Cosmicleaf Records
Spaceship Earth – Interdimensional Passport – Party Time Society
Spiral Minded – Spectral Splatter – Self Released
Tikki Masala – Mandala – Masala Records
Various Artists – Absurdia 0.5 (The Compilation) – Truck Records
Various Artists – Aeravibes #1 – Aera Records
Various Artists – Coordinates.01 – Saeiound

Album of the week 10 selection :

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And for dessert check out a freaking new musical Marble Instrument – it’s a machine, which works with the help of 2000 marbles. Wintergatan reproduces sounds of diverse musical instruments. Mindblowing! Imagine how sophisticated is the tuning and what is going on in the mind of its creator!

Here is the link to the offsite and particularly to a page of ‘how it’s made’ videoclips – http://www.wintergatan.net/#/m.m.machine

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