We continue to publish results of “best of the year” community poll. Below we have a selection of most popular youtube channels with chillout music: psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo.

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Best “youtube channel” of the year 2020:

1. The Psychedelic Muse
2. Chill Space
3. Savvas Kalt
4. Shivelight
5. Live At Goa
6. Astral Dude Chillout
7. Merkaba Music
8. Ancient Realms
9. Fluidified
10. Mr. Bill
11. Nutek Chill
12. Psychamber
13. Ambient Hd
14. Jedi’s Chillout
15. Kexp
16. Psychedelic Universe
17. Tryptology
18. Unite
19. Absolum
20. Adam Neely

Other mentioned Youtube channels:

Ambient Epicuros
Anthropos Festival
Awakening Souls
Azax Syndrom
Binaural Beats
Blue Planet Corp
Chill Out
Cosmic Pharaoh
Cosmic Soundwaves
Cosmic Wave
Cryo Chamber
Good Vibes
Gravitas Recordings
Green Beats
Greenred Productions
Healing Meditation
Iboga Records
Kaya Project
Klangwirkstoff Records
Liquid Sound Design
Meditative Mind
Missing Inka
Nu Meditation
Om Mantra Records
Ori Love
Planetware Records
Psychedelic Music
Rajshri Soul
Reversible Records
Shanti Planti
Stay Homas
Temple Sounds
The Ambient Zone
The Muses Rapt
Underrated Albums

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psybient.org – 2020 – best of results

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