4 years birthday – get special edition stickers pack

To celebrate our 4 years birthday we have prepared a special edition stickers pack that contain a new orignal design and a new color version of classic “mandala”.

you have possibility to buy 1 pack (4 stickers) for 5 euros or 5 packs (20 stickers) for 15 euros.
*price include international delivery.

1 pack content :

  • design “salamandra *” – 5 cm – 1 stickers
  • design “salamandra * ” – 8 cm – 1 stickers
  • design “maia mandala” – 5 cm – 1 stickers
  • design “maia mandala” – 8 cm – 1 stickers

We have 50 packs available to buy so don’t wait too long ;)
if you want to buy 100+ stickers you can contact us for a discount. We are not a sticker company, we do this for fun. All money will go to print more stickers :)

select item by pressing “add to basket” and pay on checkout page with credit card or visa.


  1. freewheelindave

    Dear Iurii,
    many thanks for the stickers. They arrived all the way down under here in Australia and are a real treat with their beautiful colours and spacey vibe. They are now attached to my speakers along side the first ones you sent years ago.
    Thanks for all the good things you do.

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