2014 is a very special year because Boom celebrates its 10th edition (in 17 years of existence)! After the alchemical transformation of 2012, giving birth to a new beginning, the new theme is inspired by the ancient initiation rituals to Great Mother. It is a homage to the “life giver”, that aspect of creation which is now magnificently re-emerging.

The Chill-Out Gardens at Boom 2014 comprise luxurious natural landscapes with a priviledged vista on the blue lake, a comfort zone, interactive art installations, massage area and many more surprises… an immersive experience where contemplation and interaction are both welcome. The line up is still being finalised. However expect to see and listen to the below artists.

Chill-Out Gardens Boom 2014 Line Up

Aes Dana (FR)
Aliji (UK)
Andrew Interchill (CA)
Angular Momentum (PT)
Argot Digamma (CH)
Bayawaka (IL)
Blac Koyote (PT)
ChillinBerlin (DE)
Dirty Hippy & Evil Oil Man (UK)
Dj Olowanpi (US)
Eat Static (Special Boom 3 Hour Concert) (UK)
Hibernation (UK)
Johnny Blue (CY)
Kaya Project ft. Irina Mikhailova & Flooting Grooves (UK)
Kuba (UK)
Mahiane (FR)
Nashra (SE)
Occult (UK
Oco (PT)
Okapi (IT)
Retina.it (IT)
Shivanam (CZ)
Sinepearl (SE)
Sorian (IL)
Sourone (PL)
Spoonbill (AU)
Uchu (RU)
X_Tigma (PT)

This is a preview of lineup and we are expecting it to grow bigger, for more info and to view the latest version of lineup visit official website at: http://www.boomfestival.org/boom2014/program/chill-out-gardens/

Feel welcome to visit our page with a listing and calendar of all major trance festival planned in 2014!