in this mix we would like to highlight CANADIAN downtempo scene.
tracklist below.

– idea: iurii “Gagarin Project” of

– dj mix & selection & artwork : Jeremy’s Aura

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About the mix:

First of all, putting this selection together was a huge pleasure. When Iuri asked me to curate a mix of all Canadian producers, I was delighted. As a producer, my goal wasn’t to make a DJ style mix, but more of a radio-show style selection. Although the majority of the mix does flow nicely from one track to another, the goal was to showcase the great selection of talent coming out of Canada, not to make a whopping mind-bending DJ set.

To me, ‘psybient’, is an umbrella term; encompassing everything from pure ambient, to hard hitting bass music. I did my best to find and chose a nice balance of different styles. Of course I included some of our Canadian legends like Attya, Sleepy Koala and Zoungla, but I also wanted to include some trip-hop acts like Morbin and even straight up dub bands like Danny Rebel & The KGB. Our psybient community is one of the more open minded ones in the electronic niche of ‘psy’, and I think bringing other artists from outside our scene into the spotlight is hugely important for the development of our influences and our musical appreciation.

I’d like to thank Iuri and all of the team at for their hard work in making a common place for us all to discuss, share and explore together. The magic of the internet is real, despite some of the troubles we are facing as our world develops this technology. I’d also like to shout out to any Canadian producers who aren’t in this mix – there is nothing personal or intentional about leaving you out! I’m just one guy, and if I haven’t heard of you, make yourself known! and the social media groups associated with it are a wonderful platform where all should feel welcome and confident to share their creations!

About me:

My name is Jeremy Costa, also known as, Jeremy’s Aura. I have been producing experimental electronic music since 2011. I come from a background in fine-arts, punk rock, progressive rock, metal, and theater. My influences as an artist are quite vast, and at times I feel like what I do doesn’t quite fit in anywhere – but that’s where I’m wrong. The open-minded and eager-to-explore attitude of the artists and fans of our beloved ‘psybient’ niche have welcomed me with an overwhelming amount of appreciation. For this, I couldn’t be more grateful. Over the years I have developed my own work with the sole intention of pushing my own boundaries and am excited to release a new album in 2019. I have also tried to put a lot of effort in expanding our scene and giving back to the community. Throwing events locally and supporting up and coming artists as well as established ones is a very important part of this. There is also Smörgåsbord; a free compilation series I have been putting out since 2014. Smörgåsbord gives me the opportunity to put new artists out into the world, something that would be nearly impossible without the help of more established artists who are still willing to share their music for the growth of the community. I have also had the pleasure of curating a compilation for Mystic Sound Records, Lurve Connection Vol. 1. Making this podcast is just another way for me to participate in our community and share the love of music with you all.

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0:00 – Beatfarmer – Inner Peace
9:05 – Attya – Subterranean
14:07 – Envoka – Ossified Hyoid
19:35 – Morbin – Void Moon
22:50 – Beatfarmer – Jedi Shake
27:45 – Sleepy Koala – Berceuse Pour Hippocampe Adulte
32:30 – Oglob – Orts of Numbles
37:00 – Emog – Oshun
42:55 – Tron Sepia – The Freshmaker
46:40 – Devecseri – Walle
49:04 – Beatfarmer – Sea of Sound
54:08 – Morbin – Stagnant
55:10 – Zoungla – Waves of Time
62:17 – Danny Rebel & The KGB – Pirates
65:16 – Planet B – Drop
72:50 – Jeremy’s Aura – Cowboys and Co-Pilots
80:54 – Eric Mandala – Manipura

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Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. We make no commercial use of this music and mix it to promote this magic sound amongst our friends. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly.

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