It’s halloween week ! We continue our media partnership with ChillSpace network. Each week we will showcase here fresh music and fresh videos from the biggest chillout music Youtube network – ChillSpace.TV ! The Chill Space Network is YouTube’s largest and most successful team of channels dedicated to promoting chill music and the chill scene.

Halloween in Chill

Spotify playlists by Robin Triskele and Gagarin Project
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Chill Space Mix Series 002: Mixed by YOUTH – Halloween in Chill Vol. 2


Neon Jesus – Synchronos Music Mix [Psychill & Downtempo Electronica]

Synchronos Recordings is a San Francisco, California based label specializing in Dub/ambient/psy dub/Chill Electronica music. Next level production and cutting edge bass lines are combined to create serious dance floor energy. This is music designed for the groovy sound systems and chillout rooms.
Neon Jesus – Synchronos Music Mix [Psychill & Downtempo Electronica]

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YOUTH & Gaudi – Astronaut Alchemists Remixes (Visuals) [Full Album]

Dub all-stars YOUTH & GAUDI follow through from their phenomenal debut release ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ with this impressive double album of remixes from their favourite artists and esteemed producers on the psychedelic dub scene.

Banco de Gaia : The Orb : Kaya Project : Bombay Dub Orchestra : Gabriel Le Mar : Pitch Black : Kuba : The Egg : Jef Stott-Aslan Dub : Vlastur : Deep Fried Dub : Living Light : BUS-Gus Till : DM-Theory : Onium : Sadhu Sensi : UFOA

SeaMoon – Archaic Mind

Here comes the archaic mind! It’s thoughtforms, feelings and emotions, coming from ancient times, were expressed joyfully by the hands and ears from Simon Neumann aka SeaMoon. Designed to be heard and enjoyed. To lift you up and to raise your vibration from the core of your being! Recognize and appreciate the archaic inside you!
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