We are happy to present you a fifth episode of PSYBIENT.ORG podcast.

This time we share with you a mix called “Time Travellers” compiled and mixed by PsyAmb.

As always, each new episode will be first broadcasted on the partners’ radios (both FM and online) and only then it will be available for online streaming on soundcloud.

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► Friday 10/04/2015 @
at 12pm US Eastern, 5pm UK, 18:00 Central Europe

► Saturday 11/04/2015 @ mantraradio

► Sunday 12/04/2015 ” @
at 3pm US Eastern, 8pm UK, 21 Central Europe

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10 p.m. Berlin time.

► Tuesday 14/04/2015 ” @
at 3pm US Eastern, 8pm UK, 21:00 Central Europe and 4pm Brazil

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▬▬▬▬▬▬Description ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Welcome to podcast number 5 – Time Travelers. This mix, as the name implies takes a look back at some of the formative years of psybient music from 1995-2000. At a time when goatrance was evolving into psytrance, psybient music was making itself heard in the chillout floors and backrooms of festivals worldwide. So sit back, relax and press the time slip button as we journey back in time to experience it all once more. There will be plenty of fond memories for you older listeners and maybe a couple of new sounds for you younger listeners. Big thumbs up to the team for proposing this idea which I was more than happy to jump on board with. Let’s ride !

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Cover art couresty of Deviantart stock by Pauline Moss

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Gagarin Project

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