With the Micropitch Delay, Eventide uses the algorithm found in the H910, H949 and H3000 effects processors.
The Micropitch Delay is an algorithm well known to users of the Harmonize H3000 since it was built into it and therefore ended up on a bunch of records.

This is a unique combination of high resolution dual pitch shifters, delay and modulation effects. This unique combination makes it possible to create very discreet sounds which slightly inflate the sound or on the contrary very rich sound design effects with a wide stereo image. The pedal is of course not only intended for guitarists, the original algorithm having been applied to vocals, synths, drum tracks, string and wind instruments.

Many presets concocted by Eventide are available in the Mac and PC compatible Eventide Device Manager (EDM). The pedal can store up to 127 presets that can be recalled via MIDI, and it has internal memory that allows 5 to be stored that can be recalled without needing to connect the pedal. The MIDI protocol works through a TRS jack or via USB. It offers several bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP + FX or Kill dry.

Two foot switches are present on the pedal, one of which allows you to act on momentary functions in addition to activating / deactivating the pedal. The second allows you to type the desired tempo.

The rear panel accommodates an input, two stereo outputs (1 and 2) to which is connected a switch which allows to switch between a guitar level and a line level. This handy trick lets you integrate the pedal into a studio environment or operate it with a synth. Each parameter and combination of parameters is assignable to an expression pedal whose input is located at the rear of the pedal.

The Micropitch Delay will be available shortly and allows you to find this legendary algorithm in a practical format, at a price of around € 325.

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