If you search the web for the word AMBIOSONIC, you will be directed towards pages using this term as a vectorial code technique for audio sound- waves in multiphonia. In fact there is a spelling mistake since this technique is actually called : AMBISONIC without the “O” (moreover, this alternative is given by the same search engines).

This, however, has also to do with the festival’s name since the sound will be broadcasted with an hemispheric octophonic system (see more details in “structure”)

The name of the festival “AMBIOSONIC” is simply a contraction of AMBIENT (for the style and character), of BIO (for life and ecosystem) and for SONIC (for vibrations and music). This word has not been used for anything in particular and can therefore be taken as original.

This year it will be 8th edition => https://www.facebook.com/events/592522567578093/


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