Hi there,

we are half way into april and it is time to share some fresh news:

  • for your comfort, we created a new page with links to all the content of the site, now you can easily search information organised by countries, styles and labels. This page has also an exhaustive list of different artist presented at psybient.org portal.
  • major updates to the event page are made. Now you can easily find the highlighted events and a bit below well as a very complete listing of different festivals, including all summer 2014 trance festivals, transformational festivals and more cool events.
  • do you want to get involved in psybient.org? we are looking for people to join our promo team, to help us to share our information to forums and other social media sites. if you would like to help us – write us please.
  • if you have any other ideas how to help us in development of this project, if you want to write articles or interviews for us – write us please.
  • a list of 41 releases from April 2014 (below). Don’t forget to visit our 2013 and 2014 releases pages.

Enjoy sun, life and music below…. we are one, we are awakening ….

list of 41 releases from April 2014*

* the complete list will be released in the beginning of may. full list is available here.

Ashroohm, Federo, Pineal, Master Margherita – Palexicon Kollective [Self Released]

Astronaut Ape – Flight 420 [Microcosmos Records]

Astro Raph – Eternal Spirit [Gravitas Recordings]

Beatroots – Foundations [Shanti Planti]

Bluetech – Cosmic Dubs [Self Released]

Bumble – Ill-logical Footprints [Regen Records]

Cabeiri – Self Insider [Altar Records]

Celt Islam – Medina EP [Earth City Recordz]

Celt Islam – Primal Man [Earth City Recordz]

Cloower Wooma – Over Nebulas EP [Altar Records]

Cubering – Biorhythm [Self Released]

David Starfire – Ascend Remixes [Six Degrees Records]

Divinity – Transitional [Street Ritual]

Ephemeral Mists – A Parallel Consciousness [Mythical Records]

Erot – Thoughts From The Past II [Self Released]

Flooting Grooves – Antimony [Self Released]

Green Isac – Passengers [Spotted Peccary Music]

Hataken – Feather Snow [Self Released]

Hataken – Improv Chant [Self Released]

HEISS – Awaken(D) [Self Released]

Insane – Warm Gamma Pulse [Plexus Music]

Ishq – Blue Infinity [Virtual]

Ishq – Seascapes [Virtual]

John Spanos – Sweet Little Creature [Cosmicleaf Records]

Kick Bong & Squazoid – Celestia [Cosmicleaf Records]

Koan – The Way Of One [Blue Tunes Records]

KousK – Evocation [Mycelium Music]

Liquid Stranger – The Renegade Crusade EP [Interchill Records]

Master Minded – Heart And Soul [Merkaba Music]

Mindex – Android Funktions [Digital Mind]

Narcose – The Dreams Of Zoroaster [Gliese 581C Records]

Numatica – 1×1=3 [Tempest Recordings]

Offthesky – Stationaryrace [Self Released]

One Mighty Atom – Mystery Karaoke [Ektoplazm]

Radioactive Sandwich – Survival [Tech Safari Records]

Shaman’s Dream – Shaman’s Dream Compilation [Self Released]

Simon Haiduk – Quartz Lake [Merkaba Music]

Various Artists – Blue Moon [MikelaBella Records]

Various Artists – Brothers In Arts [Kissthesound Records]

Various Artists – Ethneomystica Vol. 1 [Mystic Sound Records]

Various Artists – Photosynthesis [Elektrosfera]