Enjoy latest interview with organizers of The Fairy Island Festival ! Interview made by Lo.Renzo from Italy.
Editing by Santiago and Gagarin Project.
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Hi Bjork and Nicola, thank you for finding time to talk to us. Your festival is the first of this genre in the Faroe Islands, can you tell me more about the music scene in the country?

In the Faroe Islands you mostly have american pop EDM in the clubs. Once in a while you can experience some nice electronic music in smaller places, but there is nowhere you can go to dance to psytrance and alternative music! There is a lot of acoustic music in the Islands, but a real electronic scene has been missing.

When did you start this project and what has inspired you to create this festival?

It’s for that reason we’re making this festival, to bring what we love here to make this place even better!

Bjørk being from the Islands, has had this dream for a long time and started working on it two and a half years ago. When we met each other nearly two years ago we immediately started working together on it. It was only natural since I was already deeply rooted in the scene, both as a producer and organizer.

Unfortunately it had to be cancelled last year due to corona, but this year it’s finally happening!

I know you worked a lot in the last month due to a location change. What were the major difficulties in organizing the festival?

Well it has not been so easy making this festival. First the problem was corona. When it finally looked like we could do the festival if we olny resized it to fit the corona regulations, the new mayor of the village decided to pull back the allowance. Almost a month before the festival…
Luckily we had such great support in the Faroes and had a possible new location within just a few hours from loosing the allowance. With the time pressure of having to get new allowances and reorganize everything in such short time, it was an extreme rollercoaster ride.

Do you have sponsors in the Faroe Island or do you finance it yourself?

We have a little bit of sponsorship, but we practically finance it ourselves, so the risk is all on us. We really believe in the project and the magical location of the Faroe Islands.

Do you have many foreigners coming for the festival?

Originally we were expecting a lot of foreigners, but since corona made everything smaller and more difficult we don’t expect as many as we did. But we do still have a considerable amount of foreigners coming for the festival compared to any other festivals here.

Which musical genres will be presented during your festival?

At the main stage we will have different kinds of psytrance, and at the alternative stage a variety of other electronic music genres will be played. We will have ambient, chillout, downtempo, folktronica, bass music, house, break beat, electro, techno, progressive, psytrance, full-on, forest and a bit of hitech.

I’ve seen written hiking tour on your website. What’s your plan for it?What are other activities that you have at the festival apart from music?

Yes the farmer of the place is going to make two hiking trips. One on friday right before the festival begins, and one right after the festival has ended on sunday. The hiking trip on friday will be from the neighbour village Syðradalur along the oceanside to Norðradalur, and the one on sunday will be a round in the mountains seeing down on the valley, the festival area and the ocean.

At the festival itself we will also have various activities: Yoga, body awakening gym, breathwork, massage, NADA ear acupuncture, body STS treatments, lectures on nordic mythology and reiki, shows and art. There will even the possibility to do a mindfulness walk over to a sauna near to the festival.

Do you want to add something?

Come to join us in this incredible location to embrace and experience the spirit of the nordic islands.

Thanks for being with us, can’t wait to join you there!