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So many sad things have happened since our last Weekly News edition. I suppose some of you have been thinking about religion and all this stuff provoking human victims. We are not going to discuss here politics and G20 meeting results, though a relevant topic has been started the other day in our psybient forum. Feel free to express yourself there or even just read what do psybient-people feel about it: http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/1236-the-paris-event-and-what-i-would-do-in-such-event/

Anyway. If you are that kind of thinker who digs deep and analyzes some fragments of reality in the light of religions, here is a fascinating scheme for you: evolutionary tree of religions. Click to have it large and examinable :)

We also remind you here about the interview with Globular we have published last week. Have you read it? Enjoy!

Events and festivals of this week:

Ott Tour (UK)
Banco de Gaia Live (UK)
Mystic Sound Party. Airform (Russia)
PsyDub/PsyBient/Techno Party (India)

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Album of the week 46 “forum poll” results

Results are deathly boring this week and Sundial Aeon – Symbiosis [ Impact Studio Records ] is on the first place. Check other results with players here. Do not hesitate to vote!

Recent Releases:

Arure – Moksha LP – Self Released
Bassic – The Complete Chronicles Vol. 1 – Self Released
Bassic – The Complete Chronicles Vol. 2 – Self Released
Cloudcycle (Greg Hunter & Mauxuam) – Cloud 3 (The Remixes) – Self Released
Cloudcycle (Greg Hunter & Mauxuam) – Cloud 4 (Live) – Self Released
Eguana – Lobotomy – Plexus Music
Erot & One Arc Degree – Synergism EP – Iboga Records
Faex Optim – Tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a – Carpe Sonum Records
Fractal Frequencies – Diamond Spades – Portal Borealis
Lingua Lustra – Spiritech Works 2012-2015 – Spiritech
Makyo – Mystic Fire – Dakini Records
Markus Guentner – Theia – A Strangely Isolated Place
Martin Nonstatic – Granite – Ultimae Records
Martin Nonstatic – Sense Of Life – Dewtone Recordings
Nas-Ja – Shared Pleasures – MalLabel Music
Onirojenik – Mundis Imaginalis – Virtual
Onirojenik – Onirojenik World – Virtual
Saqi – The Muse – Self Released
Tribone – Beneath & Beyond – Shanti Planti
Trikaya (Eastern Sun & Dela Moontribe) – Trikaya – Soul Resonance
Various Artists – Redemptio(N) – Transcendent Tunes

Album of the week 47 selection :

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