Today we are chatting with Man Of No Ego!

Interview made by Sanjay Gopalkrishnan (FB, IG)

An enigmatic figure in the ambient music scene, Man Of No Ego is an artist who reflects the essence of yoga through his music by unifying spirituality with sound to convey the universal message. This highly befitting union offers a soul cleansing listening experience to the observer till they become one with what is being observed.

How are you doing? How has 2020 been for you in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Ups and downs as always, like the waves. I’ve moved to a village near Sofia. That’s a big improvement in my life.

Who is ‘Man of No Ego’?

A person, who is devoted to the path of living beyond the ego.

What is the message and knowledge that you intend to share through your music?

I do not intend on sharing any specific message or knowledge beyond the knowledge of living beyond the ego(mind).

How is 432hz frequency tuning different from A=440hz in terms of effect on the listener and from a producer’s point of view?

Well, from a producers point of view it’s a pain in the ass, because you need to specifically tune all the synthesizers to 432hz, before creating any music.

From a listener’s point of view, 432hz is a lower vibration than the standard 440hz, softens the intensity of sound.

Can you tell us about what it was like to make a collaborative EP : The Original with Logical Elements?

It was a very pleasant experience, since Logical Elements has a similar emotion and vibe to his creations. The tracks were made really fast without any arguing with each other.

He is a really chill dude, like me.

Web Of Life: A sort of tribute Album to Alan Watts: What is the Web of Life?

Well the name sounded really good when I heard it in one of his speeches. Maybe the answer is in that speech of his.

Blinkers Removed,: Your last album: What is the Album about and how is it different from ‘Web Of Life’ conceptually and sonically?

Well conceptually the speaker is different, but to be honest the message is the same.

Sonically there is a difference since Web of Life was made on headphones believe it or not, and Blinkers Removed was created on speakers.

That alone gives different results in terms of sounding.

Why did you choose to sample these two people: Alan Watts and Osho in your music, and how have their words and teachings affected your life positively?

There are many speakers, channelers, gurus and truth seekers. But for some reason Alan Watts and Osho resonated with me from a young age. No one introduced them to me.

I felt like their words resonate with me on a deeper level. I had the idea to add speech to the music in order to share this resonance I had.

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