Hello, Hallo, Namaste,

Happy to let you know that psybient.org team has finished the summer festival season! Today we just came back from Psy-Fi Festival in Netherlands. We have to say that it certainly one of the best events this summer, we met many good people, artists and other active participants. We will try to publish some pictures this week and we have some interesting audio recordings with Dennis Mckenna that will follow. We are inspired !

As always on monday, we prepared you a new portion of psy-ambient / psychill / downtempo news.
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Week festivals and events:

We are happy to announce you that Nomad Chai Bar is re-openning it’s doors and gallery after summer hollidays. This is definetely a must see place for all of us who is interested in good psybient music and those of us who would like to feel chillout atmosphere of festivals. Don’t miss the 2 openning events this weekend :
ELECTRONIC TRAFFIC @ Nomad Chai Bar (Berlin, Germany)
festival period is almost end, here are probably the last events of this summer
Indian Spirit Festival 2014 (Germany)
Bhakti Far West (USA)

all event details and links are in the calendar => https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-calendar/
you can also see a separate list of psychedelic trance festivals.

Latest event reports:

S.U.N. festival 2014
Boom festival 2014
Hadra festival 2014
Yaga festival (will be published soon)
Psy-Fi festival (will be published soon)

Fresh releases:

Ace Matters – Energise [Galileo Dreams]

Everyday Dust – The Principality Of Dustland [Sparkwood Records]

iinaK – The Foundry [Luminosity Project]

Naga Baba – Unconditional Metta [Maia Brasil Records]

Sattyananda – Mind Expansion [Audio Aashram Music]

Shamanizm Parallelii – The World In A Drop Of Rain [Neogoa Records]

Unknown Reality – Water EP [Self Released]

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