Our thoughts and prayers go to the Napalese people, and country visitors. This natural tragedy is a reminder how import it is to stay in harmony with earth. Also today We would like comemorate today great human Albert Hoffman, he passed away 7 years ago at the age of 102, but his name will stay alive in the memories and heart of psychedelic community. This week is incredible reach for events and this is a wonderful.

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Much love!

Week events and festivals:

Amazonas Andes Festival (Bolivia)
AfrikaBurn (South Africa)
Transition Festival 2015 (Spain)
Hai in den Mai 2015 (Germany)
Triplicity Festival 2015 (UK)
Kupuri 2015 (Mexico)
Naskapi presents Dream Catchers (Italy)
Inertia Sunday Evening Downtempo (UK)
Music for Cosmic Minds (Germany)
Chapter II: Ka-Sol Live (Lebanon)
CoSM May Full Moon Gathering (USA)
Hanf Wandertag (Austria)
Lily Open Air @ Glazart (France)
All the Way from Heaven (Radio)
All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Another Fine Day – A Good Place To Be – Interchill Records
Arya – Temple – Uxmal Records
Bassic – Brighter Than The Sun – Self Released
Chosen – Connected To Cyberpunk – Ektoplazm
Cord – Birdie EP – Addictech Records
DeepWoods – Resurgence – Cold Tear Records
Demon Cleaner – Spirit Animals – Ekstre Records
Duffrey – Kiss Cupboard – Street Ritual
Earegular – Optic Subba – Colony Productions
Kick Bong – The Lost Valley – Cosmicleaf Records
Mister Boyfriend – A Long Walk On The Beats – Chillage Records
Moon Frog – Sleeping Light – Self Released
Numatik – Intangible – Merkaba Music
Perkulat0r – Sphere – Self Released
Pulse Drift – Mudra – Pure Perception Records
Rukirek – Hollow Void – Mystic Sound Records
Strana 03 ft. Olga Podluzhnaya – Uutai – Plexus Music
Supercozi – Bioshifter – Self Released
Templo – Sunrise Vol. 2 – Self Released

Album of the week 18 selection :

Join us in this week forum poll and discussion and help us to highlight most interesting music.

Album of the week 17 “forum poll” results:

Here are results of our last week forum poll.

Shaman’s Dream – The Four Elements [ Self Released ]

Dhamika – Lost And Found [ Self Released ]

Master Minded – Elements [ Merkaba Music ]

Mumukshu – Abstract Systems [ Shanti Planti ]

Aurtas – Tail Blue [ Section Records ]

r.roo – Deviation [ Self Released ]

Various Artists – V/A Compilation #004 Spring 2015 [ Lostinsound.org ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.