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Today we would like to highlight the incredible Ambiosonic Festival, held in South France on 19-21th of june. This year will be the 7th edition of this unique ambient only event (with mostly live acts with instruments and very few dj’s or laptop live)/ Unfortunately for us, only a small amount of “psychill” will be there and no “dance” music at all. In any case, we highly recommend this event. If you have possibility join and invite selected friends to this event => https://www.facebook.com/events/994724967206002/

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Have fun and enjoy your week!


Makyo needs our help.
Grooveshark go offline after more than half a decade of legal battles and controversy.

Week events and festivals:

Desert Dwellers: The Great Mystery Tour – Flagstaff (USA)
Re:birth Festival (Japan)
Desert Dwellers: The Great Mystery Tour – Seattle (USA)
Summer Opening Festival (Germany)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Andreilien – Ergot Curry – Muti Music
Bija – Bhava EP – Self Released
Don Peyote – Blue Lotus – Self Released
Ethosphere – Existence – Ektoplazm
Futurology (Matt Hillier) – Martian Chronicles – Virtual
Garagee – LDHB (Single) – Tempest Recordings
Heiss – Absolutio(N) – Self Released
Kratos Himself – One Two – Self Released
Land Switcher – Activa Land – Shanti Planti
Lunar Sound – Step Beyond Remixed – Undergroove Music
Midival Punditz – Light – Six Degrees Records
Peps – Notes Of Emotes – Self Released
Sikada – Wake The Dragon – Digital Mind
Spheruleus – The Lost Gold EP – Self Released
Steve Cobby – Everliving – Self Released
Urhixidur – Test Flight – Urhixidur Records
Various Artists – Cymatic Stage #2 – Cymatic Lab
Various Artists – Dreaming Awakening Part 2 – Dreaming Awakening Records
Various Artists – More Dub – Subbass
Xandr Colins – Time And Consciousness – Plexus Music

Album of the week 19 selection :

make your vote here if you wish => forum poll.

Album of the week 18 “forum poll” results:

Here are results of our last week forum poll.

1st: Another Fine Day – A Good Place To Be [ Interchill Records ]

2nd: Rukirek – Hollow Void [ Mystic Sound Records ]

3rd: Arya – Temple [ Uxmal Records ]

Cord – Birdie EP [ Addictech Records ]

Duffrey – Kiss Cupboard [ Street Ritual ]

Kick Bong – The Lost Valley [ Cosmicleaf Records ]

Numatik – Intangible [ Merkaba Music ]

Pulse Drift – Mudra [ Pure Perception Records ]

Supercozi – Bioshifter [ Self Released ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.