We are very happy to start publishing the “best of the year” community poll results. In this ocassion, we thank to our readers, labels and artist that supported the poll and promoted it in internet. The original poll page was shared more then 3000 times on social networks and that’s allowed us to have relatively objective results. During the two month of poll we gathered 333 votes from 54 countries! It took us a month to find time and step by step make the counts, and starting today we are ready to publish results.

We would appreciate if you share the pages with results in internet in order to promote the “winners”. We believe it can be a good way to thank artist for their music. The share interface is available on the right.

We would like to remind you that web project don’t generate any income and exist thanks to the time of few volunteers. Our goal is to promote projects and artists that made you happy through their music during the last year. The music eco-system is very fragile, we had much great music over last years and if we want to continue or get to the higher level, we shall support each other. We have many ideas how to make it better, faster but our resources of time are limited because we need to work on our day jobs. If you can afford a small regular donations to support our project we would be very grateful. The donation interface is accessible via this page or via the top menu.

In order to advance faster and to give you time to digest and discuss results we decided to split the results in several posts, here below you will find a schedule of results publication.

Results publication schedule:

Compilation of the year (Monday 11/05 11:00 CET)
Favourite psy radio (Tuesday 12/05 11:00 CET)

Label of the year (Friday 15/05 11:00 CET)
Best new artist for 2014 (Saturday 16/05 11:00 CET)

– Best festival experience of 2014 + Best festival experience (Monday 18/05 11:00 CET)
– Favourite downtempo/ambient dj (Tuesday 19/05 11:00 CET)

Best “Compilation” of the year 2014:

For you comfort Embedded audio players for each release are visible in the under the spoiler (under the results) – click ‘show’ below to display them.

PositionNameNum. of Votes
1Ethneomystica Vol. 1 [ Mystic Sound Records ]44
2Ethneomystica Vol. 3 [ Mystic Sound Records ]42
3Ethneomystica Vol. 2 [ Mystic Sound Records ]36
4Resonant Mind [ Merkaba Music ]28
5Waypoint [ Interchill Records ]27
6Rhythm Code [ Shanti Planti ]25
7Floating Spirals 2 [ Altar Records ]24
8Summer [ Altar Records ]23
9Passages [ Ultimae Records ]22
10Middle Peace [ Shanti Planti ]21
11Enfold 01 [ Ultimae Records ]21
12Smorgasbord [ Maia Brasil Records ]19
13Mycelium Music Compilation Vol. 5 [ Mycelium Music ]17
14Forest Garden [ Maia Brasil Records ]15
15Nova Natura Vol. 4 [ Cosmicleaf Records ]15
16Into This Wired Abyss Vol. 3 [ Ektoplazm ]14
17Mycelium Music Compilation Vol. 4 [ Mycelium Music ]14
18The Colours Of Ektoplazm [ Ektoplazm ] by DJ Basilisk14
19Ten Spins Around The Sun [ Suntrip Records ]13
20The Moonbeats [ Ovnimoon Records ]12
21From Dusk Till Dawn [ Organic Groove (Phantasm Records) ]12
22Hadra Trance Festival Vol. 8 [ Hadra Records ]11
23Paz 2 [ Ovnimoon Records ]10
24Blue Moon [ MikelaBella Records ]10
25Mystic Chill Chapter 1 [ Mystic Sound Records ]10
26Essentials Vol. 1 [ Nutek Chill ]9
27LumineyeZ Vol. 2 [ Luminosity Project ]9
28Dreaming Awakening Part One [ Dreaming Awakening Records ]8
29Dub Warriors Vol. 2 - Rudimentary Structure Expansion [ Triple Drop Productions ]8
30LumineyeZ Vol. 3 [ Luminosity Project ]8

Congratulations to Mystic Sound Records for taking the 1st three positions in this chart! Let’s see how they will score in the best label poll (next Friday).

Stay tuned!