Greetings to all readers ! We are happy to share the latest news from the world of psy-downtempo music. As always we invite you to join the forum and discuss together. is a result of dedicated work of a team of several volunteers and today we would like to thank to DJ Trala Lama from Amsterdam for helping us to maintain the calendar.

Week events and festivals:

Masters Of Puppets Open Air (Hungary)
Akasha Festival (Lebanon)
The Polish Ambassador (USA)
КАЛЕЙДОСКОПЬЕ: 10years of Psy Quest (Ukraine)
Inertia – Sunday Evening Downtempo (UK)
Divine Diner and Drinks at Central Park (USA)
Dezoncondor / Paisagens Sonoras (Portugal)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Adham Shaikh – Basswalla – Black Swan Sounds
Anton Seim – Secret Dream – Plusquam Chillout
Ashnaia Project – Languages From Space – Nutek Chill
Chrisna Karast – 12 Strands – Self Released
Chrisna Karast – Space Cat Trap – Self Released
Condensspur – Internal Explorations EP – Mindspring Music
Cyan341 – Drone – Touched
Dailon & Esseks – Constant Contrast Volume 1 – Foundations Recordings
De Vega – Gate Of Universe EP – Bloodsugar Records
De Vega – Stolen Dreams – Plusquam Chillout
Everyday Dust – Combinatio Nova – Sparkwood Records
Forgotten Future – W1 – Creative Shop Music
Fortadelis – Cityscapes Revisited – Modular Grid Records
Gabriel Le Mar – Stripped – Carpe Sonum
Gallery Six – Drones – Plusquam Chillout
Giri Dvasios – Ratu – Cold Tear Records
Jaja – Stellamare – Cyan Music
Keziah – Angel – Purple Fridge Records
Lakay – Metis’sage Community – Hadra Records
Lars Leonhard – Deep Venture – Self Released
l’etranger – Taped Over – Left Of Field Records
Luca Fioretti – Exclusive Lounge EP – Bloodsugar Records
Matthias Springer – The Man Behind – Plusquam Chillout
mcthfg – Movement (Materials, Part Four) – Dubmission Records
Nanda – Celestial Ancestral – Merkaba Music
Natural Life Essence – Seeds And Spores – Cyan Music
Ovnimoon & Om – Answers With No Questions – Self Released
Planet4 – Devil Game EP – Addictech Records
The Synthetic Dream Foundation – The Witch King (1st Movement) – Mythical Records
Tsaik – Tea Enfoca EP – Lost Tribe Records
Various Artists – Locomotion – Hado Records
Woolookologie – Your Heart Still Beats With The Sky EP – Self Released

Album of the week 23 selection :


Album of the week 22 “forum poll” results:

1st: Kuba – Amber [ Self Released ]

2nd: Various Artists – Chilling Dragon Tales [ Forestdelic Records ]

3rd: Alaya Sounds – Mountains Flow EP [ Self Released ]

Calma Dub – Mukande EP [ Self Released ]

Lyserge – Daydreaming At Night [ Self Released ]

MultiColor – From The Outside [ Tympanik Audio ]

Profresher – Valence Vol. 3 [ Self Released ]

Various Artists – The Nepalese Relief Benefit Compilation [ Be Green Records, Street Ritual ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.

Stay chilled!