Hi Johnny,

we have 5 simple questions for you today

when did you first hear the slower psy music ?

After experiencing and being influenced by psy rock music the first serious touch with slower psy music happened in the period 1998-1999

what is the first album or track that marked you with the slow bpm psy sound?

The first 3-4 years of listening to this kind of music have marked my music perception and dj direction. I can mention some albums/track of that period like Shpongle album “Are You Shpongled?” , “Trip Tonite” track by Etnica , Atmos track “Always in Control” , “Hallucinogen in Dub” album and Asura track “They Will Come” .

Do you make difference between psybient and psychill?

In general no. Both terms belong to the big spectrum of psychedelic downtempo music and are being widely used to describe it.

What is this difference for you?

In a more analytical and theoretical way I would say that terms like psybient, psydub etc refer (along with the psy-chedelic element) to the music influence (ambient, dub etc) whereas psychill refers (along with the psy-chedelic element) to chill (chill out) which for me is rather a term than a music influence which is being used for years for the description of a wide variety of downtempo/relax music forms.

How do you see future of psy downtempo music?

I see with pleasure that psy downtempo music is being appreciated by more and more people , either as listeners or as producers, or as both. Of course there is always the matter of buying the music and supporting practically the artists (which is a general matter and covers the whole music spectrum), therefore, the ‘appreciating-buying-supporting’ mentality must grow stronger in people’s minds for the practical support to the artists and the ‘healthy’ development of the scene in general.
Furthermore, this appreciation, along with an increase of psy downtempo events, the organisation of festivals dedicated to this kind of music and the investment of more time, energy and budget by more and more festivals on the second floor (either chill or alternative), can lead to the establishment of a solid psy downtempo music culture.

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