Greetings to all readers ! We are happy to share the latest news from the world of psy-downtempo music. As always we invite you to join the forum and discuss together.

Recently, we started a new series of short interviews. Hope you like the 5 questions with Johnny Blue. Next one will be with Zero Cult in few weeks and we have also long extended interviews with DJ Basilisk and Ott on the way. is a result of dedicated work of a team of several volunteers and today we would like to thank to DJ Trala Lama from Amsterdam for helping us to maintain the calendar.

Week events and festivals:

Transylvaliens Festival 2015 (Romania)
Liquid Spirit Beats (Germany)
Trimurti Festival 2015 (Russia)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Balancé – Balancé Releases – Self Released
Bogtrotter – Dark Matter – Addictech Records
Crop – Moments – Plusquam Chillout
Dubnotic – Step My Dub – Visionary Shamanics Records
Elkin Sergey – Perception Of Time – Plexus Music
Emancipator – Live In Athens – Loci Records
Garagee – Garagee II – Tempest Recordings
Indra – Archives: Ruby One – Self Released
Luca Fioretti – Sunset In Love EP – Bloodsugar Records
Meisterjaan – Ilusad Illusioonid – Self Released
Nativ & Crosmik – Connection EP – Plusquam Chillout
Noodreem – Metasonic Meditations – Self Released
Olkin Donder – Urbin Kolder, Expeditions In The Beatless & Beyond Pt. 1/3: Entree – Xtraplex Records
Operentzia – Trance Ober Enz – Self Released
Photophob – And All The Dreams You Don’t Remember – M-Tronic
Profresher – Gully – Self Released
Rootsteppa – Higher Feelings – Svaha Sound Label
Ryanosaurus – Conscious Comfort – Merkaba Music
Strange Substance – Puffy Clouds – Self Released
Subconscious – Unfold Dissolve Evolve – Shanti Planti
Tikki Masala – Soham – Masala Records
Unusual Cosmic Process – Spacetrip – Mystic Sound Records
Various Artists – Aquatic Collective Compilation Vol. 1 – Aquatic Collective
Various Artists – Cosmopolite Dreams – Sting Records
Various Artists – SunScene Gliders – Digital Duvet
Various Artists – Vajra Mind – Desert Trax
Импрум – один оборот вокруг Солнца – Tunguska Electronic Music Society

Album of the week 24 selection :


Album of the week 23 “forum poll” results:

1st: Forgotten Future – W1 [ Creative Shop Music ]

2nd: Adham Shaikh – Basswalla [ Black Swan Sounds ]

3rd: Nanda – Celestial Ancestral [ Merkaba Music ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.

Stay psychilled!;)