Greetings to all readers ! We are happy to share the latest news from the world of psy-downtempo music. is a result of dedicated work of a team of several volunteers and today we would like to thank to Kevin Fairbanks from USA for helping us with interviews, for instance he did the recent one with Ott and the one with Ultimae Records.

Forum News:

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To encourage more participants in the weekly forum poll, we decided to gift participants music from our label partners! To participate in the ‘giveaway’:
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Week events and festivals:

Ambiosonic 2015 (France)
Shankra Festival 2015 (Switserland)
Be-In 2015 (Portugal)
Goa Open Air 2- Evolution (France)
Oddvod: It’s Just A Ride 2015 (Croatia)
Solstice Festival 2015 (Netherlands)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Akal – In This Body EP – Self Released
Anchor Hill – Stranger Than Fiction – Self Released
Artem Leer – Insomnium EP – Plusquam Chillout
Ashnaia Project – U.F.O. Unidentified Fractal Objects – Self Released
Asura – Life² (Remastered) – Ultimae Records
Dense & Fourth Dimension – Mindcycles Vol. 1 – Cosmicleaf Records
De Vega – Waves Of Tranquility EP – Plusquam Chillout
Erothyme – Sound In The Living Current – Self Released
Fiwu – Chillwave EP – Plusquam Chillout
Koan – Retrospective Tapes: Liquid Caleidoscope (1997-1999 Selected Works) – Roeth & Grey Recordings
Lunatick Project – When You Can Not Sleep – Plexus Music
Planet Boelex – Moments – Self Released
Sattyananda – Shanti Antrakisha – Audio Aashram Music
Sixsense – Atmospheric – Plusquam Chillout
Terra Nine vs Squazoid – Karuna EP – Altar Records
The Polish Ambassador – Pushing Through The Pavement (Remixes) – Jumpsuit Records
Time Being – A Place To Belong – Spotted Peccary Music
Various Artists – Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 2 – Deep Heads
Various Artists – High Vibes :: Deep Beats Volume 2 – Black Swan Sounds

Album of the week 25 selection :

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Album of the week 24 “forum poll” results:

1st: Strange Substance – Puffy Clouds [ Self Released ]

2nd: Ryanosaurus – Conscious Comfort [ Merkaba Music ]

3rd: Operentzia – Trance Ober Enz [ Self Released ]

Subconscious – Unfold Dissolve Evolve [ Shanti Planti ]

Various Artists – Aquatic Collective Compilation Vol. 1 [ Aquatic Collective ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.

Stay chilled! %)