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Sorry for delay with this news delivery, summer outdoor activities are taking more and more time !

Last week we published an important post about 2 years of the project. In this post we asked you for your proposals and comments on the subject of the future developpement of this web project. Please join discussion and fill in the form. We are looking forward to hear your ideas.

Also today we decided to share the post from Ektoplazm facebook page on the subject of DJs and Tracklist:

Dear DJs, let’s have a chat about track listings. To be clear, you are obligated to provide attribution (credit) to the original artists when posting a mix online that features content from Ektoplazm. This is one of the fundamental principles of the Creative Commons licenses that most content on the site is released under: you get free music, labels and artists get a little exposure when you re-use it. I always read DJs giving excuses like “I don’t remember what I played” (then take notes or listen to your mix and figure it out), “you can’t expect me to post a track list after every set” (we don’t; only when you post it online does it really matter), “then other people will know what I played” (that’s the point, silly), or “I have unreleased tunes in my set that I don’t want to give away” (which doesn’t sound like what we’re talking about, does it now). Plus you look way more professional when you post a neatly formatted track list. Point being: track lists aren’t just nice to have, they’re the law :p

If you want to discuss the tracklist subject with us join our post in forum.

Week events and festivals:

Nowhere Festival (Spain)
Freqs of Nature (Germany)
Noisly Festival of Music & Arts (UK)
One Love Festival 2015 (Suisse)
Transylvaliens Festival (Romania)
Bass Coast (Canada)
Oregon County Fair (USA)
Inertia Birthday Gathering (UK)
Stone Moon 4 (France)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

AMB – Voices Heard – Gravitas Recordings
Green Lion Meets Under Dub – I Need To Know – Svaha Sound Label
Nebula Meltdown – Youniversity Of Life EP – Self Released
SoulSonic – Cosmos – Cold Tear Records
Stereodyssey – Anomalies EP – New Ancient
Sysyphe – The Cities Of Silver Trees – Hadra Records
The Egg & Greg Hunter – Psyfunk EP – Self Released
Various Artists – Crunksauce Vol. IV – Chillage Records
Various Artists – Integration With Nature – Mystic Sound Records
Various Artists – Let Us Help Nepal – Nepal Aid Album – SomaSoundSystem
Various Artists – Low Tide – Elixion Records
Woob – Adaption – Time Limited
Zebbler Encanti Experience – ReFreak – Gravitas Recordings

Album of the week 28 selection :

Join our weekly poll to discover the most interesting music and to discuss it with us.


Album of the week 27 “forum poll” results:

1st:Entheogenic – A Singularity Encoded [ Universal Symbiosis Records ]

2nd: Cosmic Replicant – Pulsar Activity [ Altar Records ] Different Shapes – Different Colors [ Self Released ] Various Artists – Cosmic Temple [ Visionary Shamanics Records ] Various Artists – Deprogrammed [ Samana Records ]

3rd: Loopmoon – Celestial Mechanics [ Self Released ] Prizm Prime – Tales From The Valley Of The Sun [ Uxmal Records ] Stefan Torto – The Forbidden Journey [ Cosmicleaf Records ] Stimulus Timbre – Euphoria [ Cosmicleaf Records ] Various Artists – Kind Vibrations [ Section Records ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.

Stay chilled! :)