Greetings to all readers !

Last week we published an important post about 2 years of the project. In this post we asked you for your proposals and comments on the subject of the future developpement of this web project. Please join discussion and fill in the form. We are looking forward to hear your ideas.

Week events and festivals:

Neon Festival (Turkey)
Elements Gathering (USA)
Airbeat One (Germany)
Chillout Planet (Russia)
Sun Festival 2015 (Hungary)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Chronotope Project – Higgs Field – Spotted Peccary Music
Electrocado (Mr. Bill & Ryanosaurus) – Scribble – Gravitas Recordings
Emancipator – Dusk To Dawn Remixes – Loci Records
Numatik – Intangible Remixes – Mycelium Music
Stimulus Timbre – F.I.S.A.R. – Cosmicleaf Records
Stratosphere – Follow Your Heart – Self Released
Terrakroma – Losing Language – Hypnotic Instincts
Tor.Ma Meets Mexican Trancers In Dub – Mara’akames Gathering – Dubmission Records
Under Dub – Man From The East – Svaha Sound Label
Under Dub – Social Unrest – Svaha Sound Label
Understated Theory – Critical Drift EP – Sparkwood Records
Various Artists – The Final Theory – Silent Existence
Woodsworthy – Call Of The Ancestors – Kollektiv Audio Archives

Album of the week 29 selection :

Join our weekly poll to discover the most interesting music and to discuss it with us.
It is combined with the Album of the week 28 poll! Win Win!


Album of the week 28 “forum poll” results

They are still in progress – feel free to express your opinion and influnce on them ;)
For the time being this is the leader in the poll:

1st:Sysyphe – The Cities Of Silver Trees [ Hadra Records ]

As we mentioned last week in our Facebook page, you can vote in this poll via your FB account. Furthermore, this type of the authorization is valid for usual forum activities such like creating your own topics and commenting in existing ones! Don’t miss!

Links and players are available here.

Stay chilled! :)