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I hope you are accustomed to these weekly news edition and check them every Wednesday (or weekend? :) with the anticipation about the new releases list. Do you? We do these news with the psybient.org team hoping that you do appreciate it and use the information!

We traditionally posted some material on Monday. This week it was an interview again, and it was Pete Namlook aka Kuhlman. We constantly filling Anthology project founded to restore valuable information from the past. Check the interview from 2009 here, if you missed it in the engulfing fuss of the material everyday world.

Events and festivals of this week:

Bhakti Fest West (USA)
Freaks in Love Festival 2015 (Turkey)
Wonderland experiencE (Russia)
Sustainable Living Fair (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 36 “forum poll” results

This rare moment when we have a standard picture of the results (at the time of preparing this post at least)

1st: Seb Taylor – Collected Downtempo Vol. 2 [ Tribal Shift Records ]

2nd: Various Artists – Organic Beats Vol. 4 [ Altar Records ]

3rd: One Arc Degree & Cybernetika – Nether Moon [ Ektoplazm ]

Check it out with links and players here

Recent Releases:

Beatroots – Mood Movement – Shanti Planti
Cafe Amsterdam – Inner Peace – Spaceradio Records
Celt Islam – Al Mizan (The Balance) – Earth City Recordz
Chronos – Animo – Mystic Sound Records
Cryogenics – Images Of A Forgotten Future – Self Released
Flux Vortex – Lunar Web – Backflip Records
Frank Riggio – Psychexcess II – Futurism – Hymen Records
Free Soul School – Hobbit House Into The Galaxy – Self Released
(ghost) – Elas EP – n5MD
Gus Till & Supercozi – Music For A Rainy Season – Section Records
In’R’Voice – Aesthetica – Cosmicleaf Records
Lowering Ipnose – The Root Of Fear – Padang Records
Miktek – Ambient Network III – Self Released
Mindex – The Flavor – Gravitas Recordings
Monodeluxe – Beach Flavour EP – Plusquam Chillout
N.A.S.A. – Stolen Moments – Iboga Records
Osmose – Fractals EP – Self Released
Paul Ellis – Moth In Flames – Spotted Peccary Music
Sanhata – The Return Of Anu EP – Samana Records
Translippers – Herbalism – Microcosmos Records
Unknown Reality – It’s All Sound – Self Released
Various Artists – Strange Eyed Constellations – Disco Gecko Recordings

Album of the week 37 selection :

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