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Introduction to this weekly news post was supposed to be long and detailed, but sorry, guys. We will just give you a link to another forum thread called All time best(s). And it’s not only about Shpongle, Ott and CBL. Members’ lists are full of famous releases yet there are unfamiliar pearls here and there. This is actually what we are busy doing right now – exploring and listening to other from the bottom of the heart all time best releases.

Events and festivals of this week:

Ott USA Tour week 41 (USA)
Revolution Festival 2015 (Brazil)
Cosmic Leaf in London (UK)
Own Spirit Healing Series (Spain)
PsyLounge Night: Glyphix (Germany)
Mandallah (Brazil)
Ecologic 10 Anos (Brazil)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 40 “forum poll” results

Wow, we have a total leading release for now and this is ‘Desert Dwellers’ – The Great Mystery Remixes Part 1 [ Desert Trax ] to hit the first place.

AuroraX – Evolutionary Voyage [ Altar Records ] is on the second place and many many others got a few votes to be considered for the third position.

Check the results with players here

Recent Releases:

Alluvium Forms – Composite EP – Self Released
Andrew Heath – Flux – Disco Gecko Recordings
Antandra – Alpha Threshold – Mycelium Music
Christos Koulaxizis – Beatcheez – Bass Star Records
Cloud-D – Granular – Frog-Hop Records
Deborah Martin – Eye Of The Wizard – Spotted Peccary Music
Dense & Fourth Dimension – Mindcycles Vol. 2 – Cosmicleaf Records
Ecometric – TransPlants – Shanti Planti
Hinkstep – You And The Sea EP – Self Released
International Observer – Retouched – Dubmission Records
Liquid Bloom – The Face Of Love: A Guided Spirit Journey – White Swan Records
Mikrokristal & Echo Delta – Summer Rain – Cold Tear Records
Phutureprimitive – Searching For Beauty In The Darkest Places Pt. 2 – Self Released
Port-Royal – Where Are You Now – n5MD
Sibling – Of Earth – Ektoplazm
Taboo – Second Soul EP – Magma Records
The Analogue Fakir – Interpreter Of Desires – Earth City Recordz
Thomas P. Heckmann – Ghosts – Carpe Sonum Records
Unknown Reality – Everything Matters – Self Released
Various Artists – Lost Signals – Flying Woofer Records
Various Artists – The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds: Prologue – Global Sect
Zero Cult – Arabesque – Cosmicleaf Records

Album of the week 41 selection :

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