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Do you miss our interviews on Monday? We do :) A bit! Some brilliant material is about to come out but for now we are just in the News vibes. The main part of our team is in South America now, and let’s all send them rays of love and inspiration so they could spread it out with the psy family of Brazil and other countries on the route.
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Events and festivals of this week:

Ott USA Tour (Canada)
Shanti Festival (Brazil)
Hang Massive – Saint Petersburg 2015 (Russia)
Eclipse Festival (Mexico)
Samaveda (Portugal)
World Trance Winter Festival (France)
Mystic Sound Label party (Russia)
Moon Dance . Chill Out Party (Portugal)
Hang Massive – Moscow 2015 (Russia)
Psychill Psyunday 2 at Riou (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 41 “forum poll” results

They are so boring and insignificant that we would sincerely ask you to do something with it and make them clearer.

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Recent Releases:

Ajnia – El Viaje Del Alkimista – Ektoplazm
Akal – What Makes Sense – Self Released
Birds Of Paradise – Flight Patterns Re-Routed – Addictech Records
Bunk Buddha – Leaves – Self Released
Darshan Atmosphere – Dream Catcher – Masala Records
jdoblom – A Bit Of Darkness – Plexus Music
Kosh Anade – Fractures EP – AmbientMusicalGenre
Lyserge – Silicon Symphony – Self Released
Phoniandflore – Space Act EP – Svaha Sound Label
Rapoon – Downgliding – Carpe Sonum Records
Rhythmstar – Kissed By Fire – Street Ritual
Seamoon Feat. Mikki – Disappearing Remix EP – Bliss Music
Suduaya – Eternal Angels – Chillquam
Various Artists – Dakini Mother Tongue – Liquid Sound Design

Album of the week 42 selection :

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