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We keep the Anthology project rolling and this Monday we have dusted off the material with Bluetech. Check his last release and the interview itself. This album goes perfect together with reading, just trust us.

By the way, are there any artists or other psybient persons you would like to ask a few questions? We have opened an according forum topic here. Name persons you are interested in and reveal your secret questions for them ;) They all don’t need to be sophisticated and somehow musically oriented at all! If you fancy to ask him which part of Cheech and Chong ‘Up in Smoke’ adventures is his favorite one, go ahead and use your chance %)

Events and festivals of this week:

Hoop Camp Retreat (USA)
Ott USA Tour week 40 (USA)
Connection Festival 2015 (Spain)
Crystal Sky Open-Air (USA)
Illum!nation (South Africa)
Last Summer Trip (Japan)
Psychill Night: Djane Nina (Germany)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 39 “forum poll” results

They are too way blurred and you can still make them more distinguishable here

Recent Releases:

AuroraX – Evolutionary Voyage – Altar Records
Beat-D-Fender – No Barrier EP – Self Released
Blue Lunar Monkey & Tor. Ma In Dub – Worlds Connect II – Synergetic Records
Crop – Be For You EP – Bass Star Records
Dagaz feat. Mhyst – Angels – Plexus Music
Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery Remixes Part 1 – Desert Trax
DezonCondor – Resonances Encounter – Space Baby Records
Emancipator – Seven Seas – Loci Records
Escher Beat – Inter-Universal Transmission No. 2 – Self Released
Fingers In The Noise – Drone Serial n°00:29:36 – Self Released
Hadron Orchestra – Thunder Waltz – Self Released
Hadron Orchestra – Tritone – Self Released
Ignis – Solaris – Goa Records
Jaja – Starlight – Cyan Music
James Murray – The Sea In The Sky – Voxxov Records
Kuba – Remixes EP – Self Released
Neorus – Ambient Collection – Self Released
Omni Vu Deity (Ishq) – Nuiemiu Rift – Virtual
Omni Vu Deity (Ishq) – Vuunayatu – Virtual
Profresher – Out Beyond Ideas – Self Released
Random Rab – Awoke – Abandon Building Records
Sanathana – Shaktipat – Samana Records
Skytree – Mineral Logic – Timewheel
Socratako – scʳ tk° – Carpe Sonum Records
Templo – Walk With Me – Self Released
Understated Theory – Juxtapparition – Sparkwood Records
Various Artists – Resistance – Nutek Chill

Album of the week 40 selection :

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