NOOR is the project by Ofer Dikovsky, a broad musical identity, with a thematic connection of the transformative power of cultural fusion.

‘Can you ride a camel?’ is NOOR last album released in Shamanic Tales. East and West culture and tradition converging and leading to something truly extraordinary.

With a wide music journey as Oforia delivering psytrance rhythms, now Ofer introduces an inspiring project celebrating diversity and harmony.

Interview by the team on 19/05/24.

Hi Ofer, how is it going? NOOR means “Light” in both Hebrew and Arabic. What is the origin, concept, and message of the project?

NOOR came to life because I wanted to use music to bring people together, no matter where they’re from, by mixing different cultural sounds to create something that celebrates our differences. Ultimately, NOOR is all about empathy, understanding, and bringing people closer together, despite any barriers that might exist. I want the listeners to feel the beauty of diversity and find connections with each other through this multi cultural music.

Getting back in time, could you share with us your musical journey until reaching NOOR?

My musical journey, intertwined with the legacy of my long-time Psy-Trance project, “Oforia,” which resembles a kaleidoscope of experiences that continue to shape my artistic pursuits, including the NOOR project. “Oforia” profoundly influenced my musical path and provided fertile ground for exploration within the realm of electronic music.

During my time with Oforia, I delved deep into the vibrant world of psytrance culture, where the dance floor became a sacred space for communal expression and transcendence. The pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies resonated with audiences worldwide, fostering moments of collective euphoria and spiritual awakening.

My journey alongside Oforia was not merely about creating music but also about embracing a philosophy of sonic exploration and transformation. Through these experiences, I honed my skills as a musician, producer, and performer, learning invaluable lessons about the intricacies of sound design, the art of live improvisation, and the power of music to evoke profound emotional responses.

As I transitioned into the NOOR project, I carried with me the essence of “Oforia” – a commitment to pushing boundaries, transcending genres, and creating music that speaks to the soul. It laid the groundwork for the creative vision that continues to drive my artistic pursuits today. It’s a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of music to unite hearts and minds across the globe. While NOOR may explore different sonic landscapes, it remains rooted in the spirit of musical exploration and collective resonance that defined my time with “Oforia.”

Which is your inspiration behind creating a cultural fusion blend full of different feelings and organic instrumentation?

Living in the Middle East, I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of unity and understanding in the face of challenges. It’s why I’m passionate about blending different cultural influences in my music. With NOOR, I aim to create a musical journey that speaks to our shared humanity and culture. By weaving together diverse sounds and rhythms, I hope to foster a sense of connection and appreciation for our global diversity. It’s about inviting listeners to explore new horizons and celebrate the richness of our collective experience through the power of music.

Two released albums, Covidance’ and ‘Can you ride a camel?’. What are the differences between them?

‘Covidance’ and ‘Can you ride a camel?’ represent two distinct chapters in the sonic odyssey of NOOR. ‘Covidance’ is a reflection of the tumultuous emotions experienced during the pandemic era, offering a sonic exploration of resilience, introspection, and hope. In contrast, ‘Can you ride a camel?’ transports listeners to the vast expanses of the desert, weaving tales of exploration, adventure, and cultural exchange. While each album has its own unique atmosphere and narrative arc, both resonate with the underlying themes of unity, resilience, and human connection that define the spirit of NOOR.

How do you focus on creating music? Do you follow any structure?

When it comes to creating music, I believe in striking a balance between structure and spontaneity. While I may start with a loose framework or concept, I’m also open to allowing the creative process to unfold organically, following wherever inspiration leads. Whether through meticulous arrangement or spontaneous improvisation, the goal is always to create music that resonates emotionally and sonically with listeners.

Which kind of gear and instruments do you like to use when producing?

In the studio, I enjoy experimenting with a diverse array of gear and instruments to shape the sonic landscape of NOOR’s music. From synthesizers and drum machines to acoustic instruments and field recordings, each piece of equipment brings its own unique texture and character to the sound. The fusion of acoustic instruments and synthesizers mirrors the blending of diverse cultural backgrounds.

When you mix acoustic instruments with synthesizers in music, it’s like bringing together people from different cultures. Just as the sounds blend together in a song, cultural backgrounds blend in life, showing how we’re all connected and can create something beautiful when we work together.

And how is the band organised both with the creative process and when being on stage?

While the albums are crafted solely by me, live performances are a dynamic experience involving other instrumentalists. Sometimes it’s a full band, other times just one instrumentalist accompanying me with violin, oud, saz, and more. Occasionally, NOOR is integrated into a DJ set framework. Each live performance adds a unique dimension to the music, creating captivating experiences for audiences.

As a musician, I’m inspired by a diverse mix of artists from across the musical spectrum. From the inventive compositions of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays to the dynamic energy of Rush, each brings something special to my musical journey. I also draw influence from the cosmic vibes of Ozric Tentacles, the infectious grooves of Groove Armada, and the iconic sound of Depeche Mode and many more.

How do you give names to your tracks?

Naming tracks is a personal and instinctive thing for me. I usually go with what the music makes me feel or think about. It could be based on personal experiences, things I’ve read, or just abstract ideas. I pick names that capture the vibe of the track and leave space for people to interpret them in their own way. It’s all about giving each track its own story and inviting listeners to dive deeper into the music and what it means to them.

What are your plans for the near future? Are you planning to do some performances introducing the new album?

I’m genuinely thrilled about the journey ahead, sharing more of NOOR’s music with people everywhere. There’s a lot in the pipeline, including new albums, exciting collaborations, and live performances that promise to immerse audiences in this sonic world. Whether I’m in the studio crafting new sounds or on stage, there’s an endless realm of exploration and creative expression waiting to unfold.

Who is Ofer in his daily life? What do you like to do besides making music?

Beyond music, my daily life revolves around my two kids. Being a father is a central part of my routine, and I cherish every moment we share together. Alongside parenting, I also dedicate time to playing instruments, immersing myself in the artistry of sound creation. Performing as a DJ is another significant aspect of my routine. Additionally, I find fulfillment in teaching newcomers about music production and theory, sharing my knowledge and passion to inspire others on their musical journeys. These activities not only bring balance to my life but also fuel my creativity.

And before finishing, would you like to send a message to the readers, listeners, and believers?

To all the readers of, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your support and fervor. Your passion for music and exploration fuels the creative process and inspires artists like myself to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. Keep embracing the transformative power of music to connect people and uplift spirits, and I look forward to sharing more harmonious moments with you in the future.

Thanks a lot for your words; we will keep enjoying the diverse elements of your music coming together harmoniously. See you on the dance floor, cheers!

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