we love festivals and we would like to have even more good festival around us!

Today, we would like to share with you a letter that was sent by BOOM Festival team to the mailing list. In this letter Boom team speak openly about the achievements and the errors committed before and during the Boom 2014. It is an interesting read: Boom team tells us about the drinking water, camping space, showers, restaurants and many more. Their transparency shows that they care about “customers” (tribe) feedbacks.

We would like that all festivals and events cared about their visitors feedback and shared their vision of why the problems happen and how to fix them.

Let’s consider this letter as an example of openness and co-creation. We hope to see more and more “green”, “eco” and “co-creative / transformational” festivals all aound the Europe.

The image below is very big, so be patien for the loading time. Also have a look at our photo report from Boom and article with BOOM aftermovies 1997-2014.