Friends, Ethereal Decibel Company invite you to Open-Air Curious Party, on 12 October 2013 in central Bretagne (France). We are going, and you?

Ethereal Decibel Company organise their forth event, and this year itlooks promoising as ever! Both main and chill stage lineups are full of good artist. The size of event is limited to 500 people which will allow everybody to feel at home.

CHILL OUT stage is hosted by EDC, TSF et Stendhal and will be under huge DÔME and will be represented by the following artists:

● Gagarin Project (PSYBIENT.ORG) – CCCP
[LIVE/MIX] Psybient / Deep trance

● Runa (PSYBIENT.ORG) – Ukraine
[MIX] Psystep

● 18ème Boudoir (Entropy Records) – Saint Malo
[LIVE BAND] Ambient

● Plastic Mug (ADN) – Paris
[LIVE] Downtempo

● Sparky Riot (TSF collectif) – Paris
[LIVE] Heavy Dub

● Dubz Cooker (Ethereal Decibel Company/Stendhal) – Paris
[LIVE/MIX] Psy Dub

● Abstracker (TSF Collectif) – Paris
[LIVE/MIX] Psydub/Glitch

● Neko Majin (TSF Collectif) – Paris
[LIVE/MIX] Ambient

● Froggy Touch (Sub. Conscience) – Nantes
[MIX] Psybient/Psygressive

● Xiba (Dkdence) – Rennes
[MIX] Psygressive

● Lewoyo (TSF Collectif) – Paris
[MIX] Dub/Dubstep

● Skank addikt (Indépendant) – Paris
[MIX] Roots/Reggae

● Galack (Indépendant) – Paris
[MIX] Dub

and many others..

More info and full lineup here =>