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How was the week? We have published more results of “The Best of 2015” poll.

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EP of the year 2015
Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2015 and overall

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Best New Artist
Best Psy Radio
Psychill label of the year

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Events and festivals of this week:

D.E.Dance Martes Mantras Mix (Spain)
Pre Samsara Festival Event (Greece)

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Album of the week 12 results

1st: MantisMash – Simplexity [ Merkaba Music ]

2nd: B.M.O.U.S. – Tian Shan [ Electrik Dream ]

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Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Aes Dana & Miktek – Far & Off – Ultimae Records
Aes Dana & Miktek – The Unexpected Hours – Ultimae Records
A Pale Void – Enough – Pure Perception Records
Banco De Gaia – Le Foucauld – Disco Gecko Recordings
Darshan Atmosphere & SonoSilento – Wandering Moon – Masala Records
Delightful Imperfections – Sonic Playground – Self Released
DJ Armchair – Time Travel – Self Released
D-ther – Boundless – GreenTree Records
Floex – Samorost 3 Soundtrack – Self Released
ForstWölfin – You Will Find Me In The Forest – Self Released
Gleekch – 404=0 – Mindspring Music
Individuum – Sailor In Delirium – Self Released
Lab023 – Mellow Space – Kahvi Collective
Man Of No Ego & Logical Elements – The Original EP – Self Released
Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Trust The Guide And Glide – Leaving Records
Medicine Fox – Fox Medicine – Quantum Digits Recordings
Myth Maker – Cydonia Complicated – Self Released
Natural Life Essence – Forms Of Life EP – Ovnimoon Records
Ocoeur – Reversed – n5MD
PsydProjext – Condition:Human – Cerebral Meltdown Records
Soulular – Moments In Time Vol. 1 – Self Released
Spring Reason – Stargazing – Self Released
Taruna – World Dub Fusion EP – Tarunamusic
Tatsava – Ancient Magic – Self Released
Transient – Ebb & Flow – Self Released
TvSky – What The Moon Brings – Cyan Music
Various Artists – Diversity In The Isles – Diversity In The Isles
Various Artists – Smörgåsbord Vol. 2: Psiarrhea – Maia Brasil Records
Various Artists – Sonitus Liberabit Vos – Carpe Sonum Records
Yarn – Interconnected Visions – Blue Tunes Chillout
Zen Baboon – Perfect Day – Baboon Clinic

Album of the week 13 selection :

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And today for dessert we have a piece of art cake. Again and again. Dali museum in Florida is now running a multi-media exhibition, focused on the alliance of Dalhi and Walt Disney. The main treasure there is Virtual Reality experience. As they write “Go inside and beyond Dali’s 1935 painting Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus” and explore the world of the surrealist master like never before. Adventure into the towers, peer from them to distant lands, and discover surprises around every corner—in a way we can only imagine Dali may have dreamed.” end of quote.
We are lucky to be able to touch this Dalhi world event remotely with their fabulous 360 video, which is the best with Google Cardboard. Anyhow, it is outstanding and #wow on a desktrop at Google Chrome.

More info here: http://thedali.org/dreams-of-dali

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