Friends, supporters !
this campaign is over, big thanks to everyone (more then 100+ individuals “backed” this project) contributed and helped to spread the word ! Of course i am thankful to our label partners that provided us with great perks and special thanks goes to S.U.N Festival. team for helping us to make a push from 50-80% in one week !

4 years since i started this project in 2013, this support will allow me to invest into the important upgrade and bring it to a next level. As a organizer of this crowdfunding, i am very happy to see such a support, it helps to understand if you care about this website as much as i do.

Now, I would like to kindly ask you to give few answers on simple questions to help us to choose right direction for site redesign/upgrade =>
(there are 7 simple questions and you can fill in anonymously and skip questions if you like)

Another question, would you like to have a mobile phone applications to access to music and events from website ? if yes please fill in the same form as above ;) We are already working on iOS version, and we are looking for people who can help with Android version.

Your sincerely,
Iurii Gagarin

Campaign Partners:

S.U.N Festival., Altar Records, AstroPilot Music, Blue Tunes Chillout, Dubmission, Maia Brazil, Merkaba Music, Microcosmos, Mystic Sound, OM Mantra and Street Ritual