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this interview was done in 2014, but due to a technical mistake it was never published. Enjoy it now

interview made by Gagarin Project in 2014

Hi Simon,

thank you for being here with us!

– when did you first hear the slower psy music ?

Actually i got access to psytrance through psychill & psydub. In my youth i was listening to a lot of hiphop, triphop, reggae and dub music. Slowly my love to dub music evolved into more experimental and psychedelic dub styles and voila i discovered psydub and psychill and found my music of this incarnation ^^

– what is the first album or track that marked you with the slow bpm psy sound?

I can’t remember exactly but what comes spontaneously to my mind is “Ott – Hallucinogen in dub” and “Asura – Code Eternity”

– Do you make difference between psybient and psychill?

Hmm not really….for me psychill is a term with just describes psychedelic music in a slower bpm range. i dont want to take the classification too serious because then i think you get lost with all the psychill, psybient, psydub, psystep, glitchhop, deeptrance etc. It’s all just music i love!

– What is this difference for you?
– How do you see future of psy downtempo music?

Actually i think psychill is the music of tomorrow people are just not totally prepared for yet So of course i hope it will get more attention in the future and will not ever just be a ‘byproduct’ of psytrance.
Imho it is incredible how much creativity, love and art this music have inside!

– What shall we expect for you in the future? Are you working on new album? Will it follow your previous direction?

I will release a special EP in the next weeks. It will be a bit different since it will be a triphop track with vocals and remixes of that track. Besides that i will start my own label and will release a lot of mindblowing psychedelic downbeatmusic. I have tons of projects in progress with a wide range of styles. I dont know yet how to release them all and in what way but there will be a lot of new stuff when the time will be ready!

– Any message to our readers?

Relax and observe