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Our latest project news concern re-inforcement of the team by Alchemist (DJ from Belgium) who is taking in charge moderation of mixes in our soudcloud group ! For your joy over 170 new* psychill / psybient / ambient mixes and lives were added to it ! Now you can check regularly for updates ! As for today, in total we have 715 mixes and 2420 members.

We always look for volunteers to join the project so contact us if you have some time ;)

Enjoy the usual news blog of events and releases and get ready for best of the year poll in the beginning of 2016.

Events and festivals of this week:

Positive Vibrations (South Africa)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 47 “forum poll” results

1st: Makyo – Mystic Fire [ Dakini Records ] Tribone – Beneath & Beyond [ Shanti Planti ]

2nd: Erot & One Arc Degree – Synergism EP [ Iboga Records ] Martin Nonstatic – Granite [ Ultimae Records ]

3rd: Saqi – The Muse [ Self Released ] Trikaya (Eastern Sun & Dela Moontribe) – Trikaya [ Soul Resonance ]

Check other results with players here. Do not hesitate to vote!

Recent Releases:

Astral Waves & Æolia – Yoga Temple – Altar Records
Bassic – The Complete Chronicles Vol. 3 – Self Released
Bassic – The Complete Chronicles Vol. 4 – Self Released
Bassic – The Complete Chronicles Vol. 5 – Self Released
Darshan Atmosphere – Decay Of Time – Masala Records
Elemental Hero – The Book Of Moon’s – Self Released
Fingers In The Noise – Drone Serial N° 00:20:11:80 – Self Released
Frameworks – Branches EP – Loci Records
Mauxuam – Fishy Dub – Disposable.Dub
Perpetual Loop – Nocturnal Symbiosis – Uxmal Records
Rukirek – Butterfly Tales For Trees – Mystic Sound Records
Spectrum Vision – Different Worlds – Blue Tunes Chillout
Spinosa – Pineal Gland EP – Self Released
The Bhaktas – Cosmic Mantra [Reincarnated] – Self Released & Altar Records
Unhappiness – The Unspoken Feelings – Cosmicleaf Records
Vanderson – Vandisphere – Self Released
Vibesquad – Lost And Found 2000-2001 – Self Released

Album of the week 48 selection :

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News team:

– news intro and publication – Tanya
– events updates – Trala Lama
– releases updates – Gordon
soundcloud group moderation – Alchemist
fb mix group moderation – Kala Hari
facebook page posting – Gagarin
– news graphic art – Runa
– overall supervising – Gagarin

Stay chilled and support the project you believe in! %)