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Finally we have best of the year albums results published. As some of you already predicted Ott is the winner and we send him our sincere salutations ! Second places goes to incredible duo Desert Dwellers from USA. Romanian bases psychill and goa trance artist – E-Mantra is on 3rd position. 4th position is taken by a one of the pioneers of slow psychedelic music – Entheogenic ! See more at: https://www.psybient.org/love/best-album-year-2015-results

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Events and festivals of this week:

Own Spirit Festival 2016 (Spain)
3° Festival Ambient de Paris (France)
Electronic Dj Night: NeoBeo (Germany)
Château Perché Festival (France)

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Album of the week 14 results

Continuum – Become Happier [ Self Released ] One Arc Degree – The Ocean Palace [ Blue Tunes Chillout ]

Mick Chillage – (M)odes [ Carpe Sonum Records ] Binar – Another Day In La-La-Land [ Self Released ] Woob – Death By Coin-Op [ Time Limited ]

Bumble – Biological Ripples [ Shanti Planti ] Kaleid – Textbook Button [ Rexette ] Stellar Flux – Incubator [ Plusquam Chillout ] The Egg & Greg Hunter – Stonestock & Mixes [ Self Released ] The Flying Mars – Vibradimensional Experience [ Altar Records ]

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Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Alpha Wave Movement – Kinetic – Harmonic Resonance Recordings
Conscious Kalling – The Remixes – Party Time Society
Dense & Fourth Dimension – Mindcycles Vol. 4 – Cosmicleaf Records
Dimmat – Voice Of Desert – Self Released
Dr Trippy – Indubian EP – Self Released
ForstWölfin – Wald – Self Released
Fractal Dragon – Enter The Fractals – Self Released
Globular – Holobiont – Self Released
Highest Level Of Concentration – Smelling The Shadow – Self Released
ill.Gates – More Tea – Muti Music
Ishq – Nutopia – Virtual
Kataphasis – Elements – Self Released
Logical Disorder – Doomed Hope – Crazy Language
Mauxuam – Helix – Self Released
Omni Vu Deity – Uvunayatu – Virtual
Outersect – Fenris Licks Your Hand – Muti Music
Perfect Blind – Wanderers – Neogoa Records
Phibber & Ac-tone – Invariant EP – Outtalectuals
Pilz Beats – Lysergic Summer Depths – Street Ritual
Sattyananda – Intergalactic Transmissions – Audio Aashram Music
Sinepearl – Reflections Of Indra – Self Released
SoLaRiS – Last Outpost – Self Released
Suns Of Arqa – Spiritual Sanity In An Insane Society And Other Rarities Vol. 7 – Arqa Sound
Tikki Masala – Mohavastha – Masala Records
TonyModi – A Long Night Is Coming – Cosmicleaf Records
Unlimited Gravity – Slosh Mode – Gravitas Recordings
Various Artists – Bass For Revolution – Abstract Future Recordings
Wåveshåper – Electro Glyph – Mutantra Records
Woob – Tales Of Arcadia – Time Limited

Album of the week 15 selection :

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